Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Guest Post: InstaMommy [5 Favorite Ways to Keep in Touch with Distant Relatives]

Ahhhhh....what a great start to the week! The sun is shining (well here anyway), my tea is brewing, and I get the day off from ranting and rambling to you all...


My guest blogger today is Kristin who lives in New England with her amazing husband and two kids. She is a mommy trying to enjoy her many hobbies in her spare time such as writing, photography, cooking and staying active. When y'all are finished reading these awesome ways to keep in touch with your distant relatives, head on over to Twitter and give her a follow @InstaMommy.

Without further ado...

Five Favorite Ways to Keep in Touch with Distant Relatives

Today, more and more families are living far apart from each other. As family members move to find work or go to school, to name a few, it can prove to be a challenge to stay in touch. Here are five suggestions to help stay in touch with distant relatives.

  1. Take advantage of technology and social media:  Use tech tools like Internet contacttechnology, Skype, and the face-to-face technology of the iPhone. This type of technology wasn’t widely available as close as just five years ago.We all use social media sites like Facebook to stay in touch. These applications are a great way to send off a quick note to someone far away to let them know you are thinking about them. Sometimes we know a friend or family member far away could use a hug. Sending a quick email or text lets them get a “digital hug” so they know you are thinking of them.

  2. Send a card: With all the technology that is available today, putting a stamp on a card and sending something via “snail mail,” may sound antiquated, but think about how you feel when you get to the mailbox and find something other than a bill or a piece of junk mail. Receiving a card actually says that you took the time to send a card as opposed to a quick text or email. For example, Mother’s Day is quickly coming upon us. Why not have Mother’s Day cards made and sent out to those special Moms in your life that are far away, and who can’t be with you on that joyous day? Shutterfly has great Mother’s Day Cards you can create with photos of you and all of the special mom’s you want to send a special card to.

  3. Make a phone date: It is amazing how quickly the day can get away from you. You start out the day thinking you are going to give your cousin a call and next thing you know it is 11:00 p.m., you are putting your head down for a good night’s sleep and just before you doze off, you remember, “I meant to call my cousin!” Plan a phone date with your friend of loved one. Physically put it on your calendar. Treat it just like any other appointment, because it is that important.
  4.   Plan a visit: At least once a year, plan a visit. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Plan a quick weekend get together at a day spa. Or a shopping trip to your favorite outlet area. Check out Salonspa.com to locate great spas in your area.
  5. Make it a family affair: If your family member or friend is married or has kids, try to include the husbands and the children in on an event. Visit an outdoor park for a picnic and fishing, attend a baseball game, or visit a museum or an amusement park for the day. It will give everyone an opportunity to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company!
Thank you Kristin!

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