Thursday, April 4, 2013

Product Rave: Nivea Lip Butters + Mini GIVEAWAY! {CLOSED}

This seems a bit foreign. I haven't raved about a product on my blog in some time now due to the endless wedding posts and other random thoughts I seem to have wanted to share.

Well this product broke me out of the lull in product reviews and raves! It is a phenomenal lip product and I am thrilled to share my thoughts you. Stay tuned until the end to see how you can win a little something!

Nieva Lip Butters
These are absolute heaven on your lips! These NEW lip butters by Nivea came out toward the beginning of this year in USA.  They first were only available in the UK for a long while but made their way over to us. Such a blessing!

These Nivea Lip Butters are available at most drugstores (CVS, Rite Aid, etc.) I picked mine up at Target and at Walmart. You have plenty of options when it comes to where to get this fabulous product.

The flavors pictured here are not the whole story. There are FOUR flavors available thus far. Smooth Kiss (which is the unscented version and didn't come home with me for that reason), Raspberry Rose Kiss, Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss, and Caramel Cream Kiss. This last one I have not gotten my hands on yet. My current favorite out of the two I have here is Raspberry Rose Kiss.

These Lip Butters retail about $3.99 each for Net WT. 0.59 OZ.  I believe I had seen them for $3.79 at one point in time as well.

When new, they each come with a plastic seal around the tin or in a sealed cardboard package.

Importantly with the ingredients, these lip butters contain shea butter that really makes your lips just melt when you apply this product. It was rumored (this is just what I have read and heard) that the UK version on these products didn't have petrolatum but something called Cera Microcrystallina (a.k.a Crystalline Wax). This is a byproduct from petrolatum so in my opinion they just slapped a different name on the tin to make some people feel better. If you are interested in more of this you can check this out here.

The size of the tins are a nice size. They are not too small, but not wayyyy too big either. The amount of product you recieve in the tins justifies the price. When you compare to the Maybelline Baby Lips (just the amount of product and price) I think you are getting a GREAT amount of product for your money.

AGGGHH the smell of this Raspberry Rose Kiss Lip Butter! To me this smells like Raspeberry Cheesecake! You can smell the tart Raspberry, but it also has that creamy sweet smell that just swirls through your nose. This is by far (like I mentioned) my favorite! Like the other lip butter, it is extremely soft to the touch. Feels like a shea butter lotion when you press into the product. You only need to swirl your finger once around to pick up enough product for your lips.
This flavor sure is amazing as well! You have a scent that smells like fresh baked macadamia cookies dipped in vanilla chocolate. The vanilla in this scent is very natural and doesn't smell like an artificial flavoring. I pick up the macadamia nut smell just as equally as the vanilla which makes for a nice blend. I also get a hint of chocolate smell. It could just be the scent that these two flavors (vanilla and macadamia) create, but it sure smells like I am walking around in Hershey Park!

I wish I had the Caramel Cream Kiss to review for you but I don't. I did try to swatch these lip butters for you, but it is very, very subtle and I'm not sure that the camera really does these swatches justice.
You can't see much, but maybe the faint milkiness picks up a bit here.

It also appears milky on your lips as well.
This is Raspberry Rose Kiss and as you can (maybe, sort-of) make out there is a slight pink tint to this one. Still creamy but has a pinkish cream tint when applied.

These lip butters are very creamy and go on smooth. They are not greasy like some lip butters, but have a slippery feel more than some other chap-sticks without any petroleum.
They offer great hydration throughout the day and have great staying power. After I apply the product is usually lasts about 3-4 hours. After the product has worn off, my lips feel more hydrated than before. I feel like these lip butters are more of a luxury lip product and wouldn't do wonders if you are someone with very cracked lips. You would want something a bit more heavy duty. 
 While most of my experience with these lip butters has been great there are a few things that I have noticed.
The lids aren't super secure. They don't just randomly pop off, but I have dropped my lip butter and the top comes right off. So ladies....just be careful if you are tossing this in your purse. You may want to place it in a smaller zipper pocket so it doesn't bang against anything in your purse. Another potentially small issue is heat. I'm not sure about this yet since I haven't gone to the beach with these and left them out; however, since the balm is very soft and creamy I wonder how it would hold up if left in a car in the summertime. I guess only time will tell. And finally, if you read my baby lips review you know I raved about having a stick product because you don't have to dip your hand in a container. Well that is the down fall of this product. You have to use your fingers. For me, while this is usually a big issue, I find that the quality of the product is enough for me to sanitize my hands before using.

Overall this product is deliciously smooth and smells wonderful. If you are looking for a great lip balm to use before bed or just some hydration during that day...this product is for you.

Mini Giveaway!

I am giving away a Nivea Lip Butter of YOUR CHOICE!
This is a NEW Nivea Lip Butter of either:
Raspberry Rose Kiss
Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss

How to Enter:
 Leave a comment to this blog post telling me your favorite lip product/brand AND then tell me which lip butter you would like if you won. (Please make sure you are NOT commenting as anonymous)

Giveaway Rules:
You must have parental permission if you are under the age of 18. Giveaway runs until Sunday, April 7, 2013 at 6 PM EST and is for the United States ONLY. There will be ONE winner! I use Random.Org to select winner.

The winner will be also announced in a special blog post Sunday night & on Twitter. The winner must reply (as directed in post) within 48 hours or I will pick someone else...
Good luck!

***This Product Review was NOT sponsored. All opinions are my own. Prize for Giveaway was purchased by me***


  1. I am really liking the Burt's Bees Jumbo Lip Balms :) And the Raspberry Rose Kiss for me :)

  2. I like the Revlon lip butters. Raspberry Rose.

  3. I love Jouer's Lip enhancer! Vanilla!

  4. I love my Maybelline Baby Lips (Pink Punch). It leaves a great tint on my lips as well as adding moisture. & Vanilla for me :)

  5. I love my EOS lip balms. If I won I would pick the Raspberry Rose Kiss!

  6. I loveeee my Maybelline Baby Lips! They leave my lips feeling super soft and moisturizing. If i won I would want the Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss please and thank you :)

    1. Congrats on winning the Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss Lip Butter! Email your address to so I can send you your prize! :)

  7. I am stuck on Chapstick and trying all the different 'flavors' but the last couple that I have purchased have made my lips look glittery or have a red or orange tint. Ick! I am super excited to try the Vanilla Lip Butter.

  8. I love Nivea, the original is the only one I buy, but it's also the only one I've tried ;) I'd love to try vanilla and macadamia kiss!

  9. I love eos lip balms.. you should do a giveaway on those!!I would love to have the vanilla one!!