Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tea Obsession!

I have stumbled across a new routine. Well I guess I should say this new habit has turned for the worse into an addiction.

I previously used to get up and get ready for the day; then I would move right along to my to-do list for the day with no problem. But now, I have this overwhelming sensation that I am forgetting something if I just start doing.

Turns out it is my tea!

I recently have gotten really into tea. I know it sounds funky (yeaaa, I just used that word), but it's the honest truth.
I have really loved experimenting with the different types of teas... Black, Green, White etc. and of course adding a nice heaping tablespoon of honey to each cup.

So I have began to incorporate a cup of tea into my morning routine before I start my to-do list for the day. I have a day-in-the life blog post coming soon (because I get many questions on how I organize my time/day) but just to give you a since of my morning...

Wake Up
Start Heating Water for Tea
Take Rebel Out
Add Heaping Spoon of Honey
Steep Tea for 3 Minutes
INDULGE in tea while looking over Emails/My To-Dos for the day!!

I am hoping you can imagine my morning without these key tea brewing steps in the mix and empathize when it feels off without them.
(I am being mildly sarcastic for those who don't read me that often)

I have come across two flavors of tea that have managed to over take my collection.
These two flavors, Raspberry Royale and Plantation Mint made by Bigelow are my favorite.
They are tea bags and not the loose leaves so I think it is harder to steep them into a stronger cup, but nonetheless they are such a treat to kick start my day!

What do you have/do to kick start your day?

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