Thursday, May 23, 2013

Stranded on an Island {3 Makeup Products I LOVE!}

Have you ever played those games where you can only take one item while stranded on a desert island? We like to ask others what they would bring and vice versa.
Well I'm not stranded on a desert island, but as I was staring into my makeup drawer I was thinking about what makeup products I really like. And, if I could only buy and wear three makeup products what would they be.

So that is the basis of this blog post...what products do I never want to be without as I pull open my makeup drawer.

1. Eye Liner
Yes. Eye liner. I would choose this over mascara. I have small eyes (in my opinion) and they tend to be on the narrow side. When I wear eye liner it is like my eyes just open wide up! It really creates the wide awake look rather than half asleep. While mascara and eye shadow help create a great eye, it isn't that necessary. I can tell a huge difference when I don't have eye liner on. My current favorite eye liner is NYX Retractable Eye Liner.

2. Blush
I think blush adds life to my face. I have very fair skin and it generally doesn't have that natural glow to it. Blush really make my face come alive and glow. Some will say that bronzer does the same, but because I am fair toned the bronzer makes me look unnatural. So therefore the second product would be blush. My current favorite blush is by NARS.

3. Finishing Powder
Finally, my third product that I just wouldn't want to wake up without is my finishing powder. I have oily to combination skin so I tend to get shine on my T-zone throughout the day. Especially in Florida... where I seem to be in a constant heat. The finishing powders not only help set any foundation, but they also control shine. For me this is important. My current favorite finishing powder is the MAC Skinfinish in Natural. are stranded on an island and can only have 3 makeup products with you, what would you take?



  1. Nice picks!

    The three products I can't leave without are:
    1. Eyeliner...I feel the same way you do; I just look asleep without eyeliner on. So far the only ones I've found that stay on are UD's 24/7 liners.
    2. Tinted lip balm, I don't like how bland I look without any color on my lips. Current favorite is Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia.
    3. Lotion! My hands and face tend to dry out easily so I always carry something I can use on both. My HG product for this is "Ultimate Aloe Gel." You can buy it online but I've gotten it through my Gram for years, I think through Market America...whatever that is!

    1. Nice!

      I haven't tried the UD pencils, but I have heard a lot about them. And I am so with you on the lip balm as well. I usually look like I have been out in the sun for hours with how dry my lips are.

      Thanks for the products suggestions :)