Thursday, May 30, 2013

DIY Wedding Thank You Cards {Budget Friendly + More Personable}

The wedding is over and now you have the treasured task of writing thank you cards to all those who attended and gave gifts.
I personally was looking forward to writing my thank you cards and sending each of my guests a note to convey the gratitude I had for sharing in my special day.

Unfortunately, I became stuck. I steadfastly looked all over the internet for the perfect card. I was pretty sure that I wanted to order some with a photo from our wedding on it. I even asked my photographer for some high resolution photos in advance.
The more I looked and previewed what my thank you cards would look like, the more I became disgruntled. I kept thinking that I was an idiot for not ordering all my stationary from one place so I could have matching thank you cards. " But I absolutely love my handmade invitations..." I would argue you back at myself. 
Then it hit me!
I can make my own thank you cards to reflect more of the style of our invitations and the wedding itself.
So this is what I came up with...and I must say I enjoyed making these. While it took extra work on my part beyond just writing all the thank you cards, it really pulled my wedding together and was my final wedding craft. Not to mention,  I added up the total from what I spent making these and I cut the price originally from $300 down to about $40. (This may vary depending on the supplies you may already have.)

And so, I offer this small project to you. Whether you are looking to save money, or just want to make the last wedding gesture a personal touch...this is a great way to do both!

DIY Wedding Thank You Card
This is the front of the finished product! It turned out so cute!

Here is what y'all will need!
I was able to go to Hobby Lobby and pick up a pack of 50 blank Ivory fold-over note cards with their envelopes. This color really matched my invitation color as well.
I then picked up the Thank You stamp, Mr.& Mrs. stamp, and a small design stamp. Along with those, I picked up a grey and yellow stamp pad (those were my wedding colors).

I stamped the Thank You on the front middle and the Mr.& Mrs. on the lower back.
I learned not to press too hard or your stamp will pick up and distribute additional ink. I am not an avid stamper so this is probably common sense to those who are.
This is an example.

I then also used yellow to stamp the small design I had on the inside.

Finally I folded all the cards and made bows out of the extra 'rustic' string I had used for the invitations and wedding. I used a hot glue gun to apply.
When you tie your bows you may need to snip off the ends if they are not the same length. I'm not the best free style bow maker so I had to do this a lot.
Also, another tip is to make sure you press the bow on with some force so that it really presses into the card. Fluffier bows were harder to stuff inside the envelopes.

I hope this inspires you to think outside the box of traditional wedding thank yous and most importantly do what works best for you and your taste!



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