Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How I Stay Organized {Personal + Household Management}

Starting a little mini series here. Nothing too formal, but every once and a blue blog post I will be posting a How I Stay Organized {Insert Topic Here} type of blog post.

This particular blog post is going to feature a brief overview of how I manage my personal to-do lists, household chores, meals, and a bit of filing. This is not by any means the full extent of my household management. I may break up some additional pieces of my household management system and post about those pieces(birthdays, travel, Joey's scheduling, family events, etc.) in the future.

After I rise and get ready for the morning, I make myself a cup of tea and go over my schedule for the day which I had finalized the night prior. Usually I am making changes and plans up until then.
I have shared this before, but for those that don't know I use my handy filofax! Now I am in the process of ordering a different one that has a few more accessories associated with it, so that will help me be even more organized (happiness!)

 My Filofax calender is tabbed by month and it has three days a page.
So for each day I plan and schedule what I'm doing. Some of my schedule I assign a time to for example, my walk with Rebel; others, like my Week at a Glance (which you will see in a minute) is left open ended because it takes time throughout the day to accomplish.
The new Filofax I'm ordering will have a day per page. This will allow for more room to schedule. I also use the month on two pages. This is where I keep monthly chores like my first of the month chores, birthdays, Joey's activities/schedule, Rebel's appointments and medicine, and travel.

So because I am limited on space in my Filofax, I use it for the individual chores and to-dos that I want to get done that day. However, there are things that I do every day of EACH week that does not change. These are set in stone.

For this list, I have a Week at a Glance calender on my fridge next to my kitchen office drawer.

So here is my calender for the week that is labeled Our House: Week at a Glance. You will notice that it is labeled Monday through Friday and it has my chores that take place every day, every week. I usually add different chores and to-dos for the day in my Filofax but these are the constant, always need to be done.

Under this I have my active shopping list folder and my meals for the week.

Any shopping list that I am currently adding to in order to prepare the next weeks meals go in here. My meal note cards are a bit sloppy. I am still looking for something that works a bit better here. I was thinking a white board, but I don't have that much space and don't want the marker to dry on the board during the week.

So switching directions a bit...my Action folders.
On my breakfast bar lives my action folder which is basically for paperwork that comes and goes out of the house.
I apologize for the slight blurriness. I have hidden much of the personal information, but this is my action folder. It has 4 tabs in which I file the paperwork accordingly.
-Receipts to Record (for our budget)
-To-Go: Any coupons or mail to be mailed out
-Active Projects: This is vacation planning, DIY project measurements, paint swatches, and even birthday cards for an upcoming birthday.
-To-File: This is for when we get any important mail that needs to be filed, any new gadgets that we need the manuals for, etc. I file away anything located in this tab every Friday.

These tabs will change as our system changes, but for now this is what works with us.
We don't have tons and tons of space in our condo so our filing system is just two of the mini filing systems. As we grow our paperwork (most of what we do is online), we will consider a bigger filing system.
 So these contain are personal files dealing with insurance, cars, bank accounts, etc.

Many people ask me how I stay so organized and I have to be honest with them. It is one simple little device that I use like it's my job (haha...get it)!

Yes! My labeling machine! I use this for everything (well mostly everything). All my filing, bins, tabs, and more are labeled. Either by this little guy or additional labeling products.

I recommend that this is an investment you make. You don't need the most expensive one or a HUGE one. Just get one that fits your home and it will make your life just a little easier.

 How do you stay organized?

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