Thursday, May 9, 2013

My New Hair Cut!

I recently got my hair cut. (Yesss this is the blog I'm posting today...haha SNOOZE!)
About 4 months prior to our wedding I just got feed up with my hair. Not so much the 'I need a change attitude', but this was more like the 'I'm going to shave my head' type of problem.

I had this ombre deal going on without even trying. I had let my highlights grow out to the point where it looked like the ends of my hair were dipped in light yellow paint.
Here I'll show you...
This was right before my Bachelorette Party by the way...

But if you notice here my hair has the ombre effect on the ends and was basically chopped straight across. All my layers had grown out and I really didn't have any shape to my hair.
Needless to say, my wedding was approaching and all I wanted to do was cut my hair, but I was too nervous. I thought that if I cut it now that I wouldn't be able to put my hair up... blah, blah, blah...

My hair was the perfect length for the hairstyle I was wearing at my wedding. I wanted simple and out of my face (that way I could take in the whole day).

Well now, we are beyond the wedding day and all the beauty obsession that comes with it; it was time for my hair to be cut.

I actually got my hair cut the day Joey and I got back to Florida. We had plenty of errands to do that Saturday and I just mulled over how I wouldn't be able to take another day with this hair.
I got it cut.

This is what I ended up with! I actually really like it. The length on the shorter side is perfect and there is only a tiny bit of my highlights left. She told me that I could have them fixed but I had determined I didn't want to do any other color treating to my hair. She gave me a side bang (which I have yet to be able to do like she has here). I can never re-create the exact style they did when you walk out of a salon.

I posted this picture on Instagram (@youngnasawife) which in turn automatically posts to Facebook. One of the first comments was my mother.
She was baffled how one side could be longer than the other. I tried to explain that is was not a huge difference like the picture makes it out to be. PLUS that is the style going around now.
I still don't think she gets it but oooo husband likes it :)

I am really enjoying the less time it takes to blow dry and straighten my hair. That was always a perk when I wore my hair short- time saved! Additionally, I always run into the problem of using too much product in my hair the first wash and style I do. I always put wayyyy too much shampoo in and have to spend twice the amount of time getting it out of my hair. Then I put too much conditioner in my hair which causes my hair to weigh down more and look greasy like. And finally, my oils that I use on my ends...yeahhh put more than enough in my hair.

All of it is worth it though! I found a hair style that I like and beats the heat; plus I didn't shave my head out of frustration.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. It can be pretty tough to get the same style results when you do your hair at home. Then again, hair stylists have their own techniques to get our hair behave a certain way. You should ask for tips on your next visit!