Thursday, May 16, 2013

Product Rave: Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturizer Cream

Finding a good moisturizer is a journey; one that I have been on for awhile. The journey is long, hard, time consuming and worst of all a money pit. But once you find that moisturizer cream that works for your skin, it becomes the holy grail of products and you never want to part.

I have tried many products...
 ...and I have learned a lot about ingredients and what I like on my skin (especially my face) along with what I can't stand. I have been through drying products, greasy products, morning only creams, night only creams, creams you can't use with other products, so on and so forth...

I did gather one piece of knowledge that I didn't know about my skin-and that was how sensitive my face is. I used to think that I had a face of steel. I could go out in the sun and when my face would get some color everything would be okay. Or, that a little bit of stinging when using a product was okay had to be working right?

This was a pivotal point in my journey to a moisturizer that I could call mine.
After all my trials and errors, and that's not to say some of the creams I tried didn't help, it just wasn't ideally what I wanted to continue using; I finally found something that sounded like it might be good for my sensitive skin.

Let me rewind because I feel like I'm not explaining myself too well (shocker right?). Over my time trying to find a moisturizer that worked well with my skin, I had developed a criteria that helped as I was searching for new products to try.

My Criteria
1.Has to work with my sensitive skin- As I explained, I have really sensitive skin especially under the eye area and when I use creams or products they can end up stinging. I needed something sensitive in nature.

2. AM/PM usage- Yep. Products cost money and when you are dealing with nicer, more expensive, higher quality products having to purchase one for the AM and then another for the PM can get crazyyyyy! I just wanted something that works at both times of the day ;)

3. Applicable over other treatments- I have some topical medicine that my dermatologist prescribed for my acne scaring and hyper pigmentation on my face. I needed a product that was able to go over that medication. The medication also dries my face out so I was really in need of a moisturizer that could help combat that.

So there you have it my little list of criteria that I had. Now I'm sure there are several other products that fit that criteria but I have found one that I really, really like!
This is the Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream.

I am in LOVE! I have been using this for about a week now and I can already tell a difference. It is for sensitive skin so I can get it close to my under eye area without any stinging.

You can also use this product for AM/PM.
And, as you can also see here in this snapshot, you can use it alone OR over a treatment serum. Basically, it is okay to use with another product. I have not had any reaction while using with my medicine.

So far this product meets my criteria which is why it came home with me. I had heard many great things about Kate Somerville products and the line has a few other face creams that may meet the needs of other people's skin better. 

When I read about the use of Goat Milk it got me interested in the concept.
The information here on the box really does what is says it will do. It nourishes my skin and hydrates the areas on my face that dry out due to my medicine. I also notice that any redness or hyper pigmentation spots that I have tend to fade away after 5 minutes of applying the product.

This product does really well under makeup and I tend to use less concealer all together because of how it treats the redness on my face.

I do take one issue with this product. The smell. It doesn't smell horrible, but the scent of this product is not fragrant. There is no vanilla, yummy, floral, or fruity scent to this product.
It just kinda smells like a cream. After the product absorbs on your face (5 minutes or less) the smell is non-existent in my book.
If you are someone that cannot handle different smells this product might not be for you. 
But trust me when I say, it's not that bad and totally worth it.

Finally, I really enjoy how the product dispenses.

You push down and just enough product comes up for an application on your face. You don't have to dip your fingers into the entire product which makes it a bit more sanitary.

I am still getting used to this product wearing on my face, but I did want to share my initial thoughts with you all. If you are in the market for a new moisturizer and have similar criteria as me, then I would recommend trying this product. You might even check out the other creams in the Kate Somerville line as well. I know I will be trying some others!

Let me know if there are any products you have found to be the holy grail!



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