Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How I Stay Organized {Project Binder}

The last blog post I did on How I Stay Organized involved focusing on personal and household management. In that blog post, I briefly mentioned doing another on some other aspects in my routine.
If you remember back to my weekly schedule (to read click here) I discussed that Fridays during the week are my project days and I have a completely different way to organize the current and future projects I want to work on.

It is nothing too fancy but it works for me; and if you're looking for a way to organize all your household DIY projects or renovations, this might just give you some tips on where to start.
Ultimately remember...it's whatever will help YOU stay organized!

My project binder consists of a 1" binder, some sheet protectors, blank white paper, post-its, and of course some fun colored markers.
That's it!
The purpose behind the binder is to store all my projects in one place. Additionally, the system I have works well because I am constantly changing my plan of action or even the order of my projects.
Lets start with the inside.
I picked a binder with two slip pockets in the front because I like to stagger my papers for easy access.
I keep blank white computer paper in the top slip. This is for any new projects that I need to begin brainstorming for. You will see this a bit later, but I simply write the title of the project across the top and start planning.
 You will notice this green/white stripped paper in the front here. This is a running list of some smaller projects that haven't really developed yet. I consider this a limbo project area. They aren't really current projects nor are they really future projects that I have a date to be finish by. They just are!
The last item in the front slip pocket is a large post-it note. I use post-its for just about everything! But in this project binder in particular, I use them to make shopping lists for each project and stick on each project's page. This way I have a running list of what I need as I brainstorm and sketch the project out. I can then just grab my post-it and head to the store.
Clipped in the binder part are just your average sheet protectors. Each project that I start to brainstorm gets put in one of these protectors. I like this because it is helpful to have the extra room to slip in swatches of paint, fabric, receipts if I need to possibly return something, and also any pictures of inspiration that I want to use for the project. That way it is all kept together with that specific project and I don't have all of it floating around.

Also, I order my projects in order from my current project and then future projects in order of priority. It is helpful to have everything housed in one sheet protector packet when I want to move a project ahead of others.
This is my laundry project page. It is the most current project that I'm focused on, as of right now. Hence why it is first in the binder. I don't plan the same for each project, but here is what you will find on this project page.
Project Title
Sketch of the Project (not always applicable)
To-Do for the Project (this is a list of project goals)
Due Date for when I would like the project accomplished.

Like I said, this varies per project but this is roughly what you will see on each project page.

This is super simple, but very affective at keeping all my projects organized and up to date. I love having one binder to pull out when I want to work on something or have a new project idea. I hope this helps you in some small way :)
Let me know how you organize your projects!


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