Friday, June 7, 2013

How to Get Ready for Summer! {7 Things to Keep in Mind}

Who is ready for summer?! Well maybe it has already started for some of you, but I typically think the first week in June as the beginning. For some reason summer still gets me all giddy and excited like it did when school let out!
Part of this excitement is brought on from my getting ready for summer. Even the little things to get ready add to the anticipation.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized I get ready for summer the same way every year...hmmmmm.
Thought I would share how I get ready for summer with a few things to keep in mind!

One- Purchase anti-frizz spray.Yeppp. Not really exciting, but I know it is summer when I have to go out and buy more products to tame my hair. So if your hair is like mine, make sure you stock up on some anti-frizz solutions so you can continue looking fabulous during the summer months!

Two- NEW MUSIC! I never buy music off iTunes. I typically listen to Pandora, Spotify, or the radio; but...right before summer I ALWAYS purchase a few of my current favorite songs. I make a beach playlist for that year. Listening to that music just puts me in the summer mood.

Three- Hydrate. For me, getting ready in the summer is stocking up on water. ALL TYPES! Normal bottled water, flavored water, and even flavored, sparkling water (yeppp...livin' large). But in all seriousness, especially in Florida when I am out and about I can get crazy warm and need to hydrate. You might not even really notice it, but it is important to have fluids pumping through you at all times. Also, this remains to be budget friendly since you are not having to stop at stores all the time to quench your thirst.

Four- Lemons and Limes! So to go with the many gallons of water I drink during the summer, I like to switch it up a bit. You noticed the pictures above right? Well this is typical for me. When the lemons and limes start filling up our refrigerator we know that it is starting to be summer!

Five- Clearing the schedule. Have you done this yet? Yes...I still have all my chores and to-dos during the week, but I try really hard not to fill my extra time with projects and redecorating. I like to clear my extra time to read a good book on the beach or take extra walks with Rebel. So this tip to you would be...enjoy the extra time you have and enjoy the warm weather.

Six- Books! Tip 6 is to get a great book (or books...) to give you that relaxing journey throughout the summer! Whether it be fiction or non-fiction, a good book can make summer that much more fulfilling. Maybe read one of each. A good fiction book can be your enjoyment and a non-fiction to learn something new :)

Seven-Finally...S'MORES! At the beginning of summer I always stock up on s'mores materials! Nothing says summer to me better than a good s'more. I don't have a fire pit because I'm in a condo, but even a s'more made in the good ole' microwave can hit the spot!

Hopefully this gives you some tips to get in the summer mood!
What do y'all do to get ready for the summer?


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