Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Attempt at Keeping Plant Life {Bromeliad Flower}

My husband and I were at Lowe's recently picking up some supplies for my "mini" pantry project and I always tend to gravitate toward the garden section. I have had this pot sitting on my patio porch for some time was even on my previous porch at my old apartment.
I want to get a cute little plant to put in my pot and have sit on my porch. I even spent a good amount of time searching online for a plant that would thrive on my porch with little sunlight, but very humid weather. Every time I browse the garden section I never seem to end up getting a plant. I am fearful that I will kill it!

But this last trip to Lowe's was different. I found this exotic looking plant with amazing color!
I just had to have it.
I guess we will see if I can actually keep this plant alive or not. It is called a Bromeliad plant which I have never heard of.

Sorry for all the photos! Went a bit overboard here!

Would love to see your flowers/plants/gardens! Send me a picture!


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