Thursday, July 11, 2013

Product Failures {Beauty}

This was a requested blog post that I have actually been meaning to do before the suggestion was made on my 100th Blog Post Giveaway.

I didn't really know what to call this blog post. The reason being I don't really consider these products outright failures, as they may have worked for some other people. However, they have failed me. I even like some of these brands too! That is why I struggled putting them on here. Unfortunately, their one product was enough of a failure; but that doesn't mean the brand doesn't have other products that are great!

1. Burt's Bees Acne Solutions Daily Moisturizing Lotion

I like Burt's Bees! I really do! I was so sure that I would really love this Acne Solutions Daily Moisturizing Lotion. To my disappointment it didn't really help with acne and instead of moisturizing my face, I found that it dried my skin out. I also think that on my skin the salicylic acid doesn't do the trick for acne. It may work for some people's skin, but I found I have to have acne medicine as one product, and a more intense facial lotion as another. I did a blog post on my current favorite daily facial moisturizer that you should check out for reference.

2. ZENO Hot Spot Blemish Clearing Device

I think I purchased this at Walmart when I was in college. It was the "NEW THING" to help with acne. Unfortunately, this little ZENO device has sat idle in my medicine cabinet for some time now. I probably used this a grand total of 5 times in the years I have owned it. It doesn't work! The idea is to have the gray button heat up to kill any bacteria you may have on the blemish. It is supposed to get rid of it in 24 hours or something like that. Never worked.

3. Victoria's Secret Face Primer and Setting Spray

So this really isn't a total failure! But I guess it's a failure compared to other products. I saw this VS Setting Spray while randomly shopping in Victoria's Secret and I decided to pick it up. It was roughly $10 for a pretty big bottle! I thought, 'well if it works then this would be a HUGE score'. Going into it I have been spoiled by my Urban Decay All Nighter spray so when I tried this I just didn't like how it compared. Although, I have read several reviews that rave about this product, so for the price it just may be worth a try.

4. Olay Firming Cream (Night of Olay)

This is another shame because there are definitely good Olay products out there. However, this Olay Firming Cream (Night of Olay) just doesn't do it for me. I bought this as a night cream and right off the bat I noticed that I didn't care for the smell. I did a Google search on the smell to see if other people have noticed it. I didn't find too much in that department. I also found that if I got the product too close to my under-eye area I felt some stinging. Because I have sensitive skin on my face, I automatically decided to ditch this product from my night time regime.

5. Physicians Formula Mineral Correcting Bronzer

I have never been the biggest fan of Physicians Formula personally. So I guess it was a surprise to even me when I picked up the Physicians Formula Mineral Correcting Bronzer. I think it might have been one of my free gifts from Ulta. I'm not 100% sure. Nevertheless, I tried it. It claims to be a brightener, corrector, and bronzer 3-In-1 product ; but I have to tell you, all it did for me was pick up too much product on my makeup brush and then create a light stream of glitter on my face. I guess in all fairness it is "mineralized", but since when does that mean 'loose makeup that makes an absolute mess'. Then on top of the mess, it really wasn't a bronzer and was too shimmery to boot! I like to stick to more mat bronzers that offer a natural color.

There you have it! A few beauty products that I have purchased and used that simply don't cut it. What have you purchased that was a complete fail?


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