Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How I Stay Organized {Card Storage}

One of my favorite organizing bins is my card box. I am a HUGE card sender; something that I think I picked up from my mother because she is the same way.
I normally make cards because I really like to craft! Making cards is something I find joy in and I think it says something to those who receive them. I am always finding neat ways to craft cards on Pinterest!

That being said, I often have occasions in which I can't get around to making cards or I found some beautiful, amazing card that I want to use.
Hence the card box.
This card box I order online from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. It is still available as the Card Storage Box with Dividers. I went ahead and labeled the box with my Martha Stewart Home Office Classic labels which I picked up from Staples. This card storage box is beyond convenient!
The card box has six removable dividers which make organizing your cards for specific events very easy. I wish that the dividers would snap in some way, but unfortunately they do not. Sometimes they can dislodge, but not often.
You will notice as well that it has a top that hinges down and snaps tight. This is helpful to keep moisture/humidity out. I went ahead and labeled my dividers with labeler focusing on my most used card categories.
Another nice feature in this card storage box is that it's not too large. It measures approximately 7 4/5" H x 9 1/3" L x 10 3/5" W. I like this size because it is large enough to house a good stock pile of cards, but not too large where I buy more cards than I will ever use.
I have them labeled; Birthdays, Engagement/Weddings, Additional Holidays, Thank Yous, Christmas, and then in the back I have Extra Envelopes.
The Additional Holiday label is for those holidays where I don't send out many cards, but may have occasion for an extra Valentine's Day card, Easter, and so on.

Thought I would share this great organizing storage box that helps keep avid card senders (like myself) organized. For me is beats the traditional cardboard storage boxes.

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  1. Love this idea! I'm also a card hoarder...I cling onto cards I get and have them in ziplock bags with their date on them stored away in a box..this system might work a bit better (although I realize this is for cards to give away...multi purposeful!)