Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How I Stay Organized {Kitchen Office}

If you are like me, you probably spend the most of your time in the kitchen. 
Okay...maybe YOU don't but I certainly do. I feel like I live in the kitchen some days. From cleaning, doing dishes, cooking, baking, putting away groceries, creating our menus, etc. I find that I am in the kitchen space more often than not.

It is because I'm in the kitchen so much (on top of it being centrally located in our home) that I have found creating a kitchen office to be a lifesaver!

I have a kitchen drawer that I have set aside from the norm of kitchen utensils, silverware, and towels, to be my dedicated kitchen office drawer.
 Inside my drawer I have all the necessary office supplies for easy access when I'm working in the kitchen. I often need rubber bands, pens to write menus/shopping lists, or even Post-its for those dinner reminders. But I'll get deeper into that in a minute.

The drawer has an expandable bamboo drawer organizer in it with several removable pieces to create the organization space that works with you. So you will notice I have the right hand side of the organizer expanded, however the left hand side is not.
I have pens, pencils, and a few colored Sharpies/markers in the back space. These I use for notes, menu planning, and even the occasional 'I love you' note in my husband's lunch.
In the very front section, (both of these sections are larger than the four center sections) I have several pairs of scissors. These are in here to open packages mostly. I have kitchen scissors for food packages located elsewhere in my kitchen. Also, in this section I have a small screwdriver.
In the waaaayyy back there is extra space in the drawer because the organizer does not go back that far. I house a few of my favorite Martha Stewart Home Office labels back there that I use in my Filofax (the little labels) and for my food containers in my pantry (the bigger labels).
In the four small center compartments of the organizer I just keep a few office supplies that I use occasionally. Rubber bands I use if I run out of bag clips or twisty ties. I have white out with a few binder clips in another section. The white out is for mistakes while addressing envelopes (bills, cards, etc.); and the binder clips I use mostly in my project binder, which is in another How I Stay Organized post.
I then have some colored paper clips, which to be honest I don't use all that often. Along with those, I have the Post-it pull up sticky flags which I use for everything; marking recipes in a cookbook, my Filofax organization, searching through magazines, and much more!
Finally, in the last smaller section I have some different sized Post-its and my staple remover.
On the right hand side I have used the expandable feature on the organizer to house my tape dispenser, stapler, a few envelopes, some scrap paper (for shopping lists), and finally stamps for mailing.

I think a kitchen office is a great way to keep from always running to your craft room or office for basic office needs. Obviously I'm not going to move my entire office supply in my kitchen, but for convenience and productivity having a drawer dedicated as my kitchen office helps me stay on top of things while in the kitchen.

Do you have a junk drawer in your kitchen? That is the perfect place to clean and organize into your kitchen office.

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  1. You totally make me want to reorganize our junk drawer. :)

    1. Yay! Thanks for reading! :) Tweet/send a picture if you do!

  2. This is awesome! I have all of that in my junque drawer...along with vice grips, bread ties and a 2009 SEC Football Schedule, among other things. You've inspired me to add an item to my Ta-Da! List.

    1. SEC Football Schedule...that is the best item in there :)

  3. I am an organization FREAK...love this post!



  4. These are really great tips! Perfect way to organize stuff, it's just amazing how you can find your things easily and know exactly where they are when you need them.

    1. Thank you! It works great for me in our home! :) Thank you for stopping by and reading :)

  5. Absolutely love it, most if not all of everything you showed there is at my desk here but, I do have a junk drawer and that organizer would be an awesome idea for that junk drawer and labeling it as well.

    You are a smart cookie, I'm such a neat, tidy, and clean freak lol it sometimes drives my bf crazy. lol

    1. Thanks for reading! Most of the things I have in my Kitchen Office I have in our normal office as well, but like I mentioned I find all my time in the kitchen so it helps to have those things on hand. :)