Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How I Stay Organized {Under the Kitchen Sink Management}

 Under the sink...yuuuckkkk!

For most of my clients, and even families in general, this is the mecca for disorganization.
I thought I may be able to shed some light on how I keep my under the sink organized and hopefully give you some inspiration to organize yours.

Disclaimer: This is the under the sink area, so it's not the most beautiful with all the pipes and garbage disposal.

First off, I recommend purging your under the sink area. By purge, I just mean to clean out anything that doesn't really belong under the kitchen sink or any cleaners that have a drop left in them.
Then remove everything under your sink. This will help you gauge how you want to organize.

So with some of those tips out of the way...I have two bins under my sink to separate my cleaners.
These bins are the Flax Medium Eyelet Tote. You will notice that I labeled these two bins with a fun, vibrant pink label. What you might not notice here is that these labels are actually laminated.

 Now, I have a lamination device but I didn't want to pull it out; I just used clear packaging tape. I put my label between two pieces of clear packing tape and trimmed it down to size. The reason is simple. These labels are living under the sink. Whether it be a leaky pipe, spilled cleaner, or just another mishap...if you protect them like this, you won't have to keep replacing them. 

I labeled one bin Kitchen Cleaners and another bin Household Cleaners. Now this may not be what works best for you, especially if you have very few cleaning products. However for me, I own several types of products so it works best for me to separate them into kitchen cleaning products and additional household cleaning products. I also used colored paper clips to hold the labels in place. It adds to the fun colors and they don't dislodge easily.

 I have positioned the two bins side by side leaving some room behind them for larger items. For example, behind the household cleaners bin is my box of garbage bags. You will get a better look at this soon.

 You can see I have separated my cleaning products here. To give you an idea of the products in each bin...the Kitchen Cleaners bin has extra dish soap, my kitchen counter spray, comet sink cleaner etc. In my Household Cleaners bin I have products like Swiffer dusting spray, Febreze, glass cleaner,and more.

When you are looking directly under my sink, to my right I have an additional bin. This bin is older and it's not an eyelet tote. This is labeled paper products. I keep some paper bags (for lunches), plastic-ware (which I never use), and a few other items that have found their home here. I also keep my Ziploc bags, plastic wrap, foil, etc. underneath toward the back.

This hopefully gives you a better picture (literally). I do have a second shelf above the paper products bin that houses a few canned goods and my extra tea and coffee stash that doesn't live in my Coffee/Tea cabinet. (I will show you that in a blog post soon!)
You may also notice the gray looking pockets on the back of the door...

This is called the Over-the-Door Cleaning Pockets. It hangs nicely over the cabinet and I have a few of my cleaning tools tucked in here. In the top set of pockets I have my sink cleaning tools. A sponge, toothbrush, and knife (for the kitchen sink groves). In the bottom set of pockets I have my dusting cloth and an extra, unused sponge for washing dishes.

I have also labeled the toothbrush and knife so that everyone in the house knows they are dedicated specifically for that purpose.

Okay...almost finished!

Finally, on the left side of the sink I have one additional container for my dishwasher Cascade Pacs. I prefer the aesthetic look of this container to the Cascade bag just sitting there. This is on the left hand side of the kitchen cleaner bin; and like the other labels I used clear packing tape over the label to keep it from getting wet in any way. Just in case!

So there you have it! I hope this helped you when it comes to organizing your under the sink area in the kitchen! Remember, it is what works best for you and your family!

I received so many GREAT suggestions during my previous 100th Blog Post Giveaway and I can't wait to blog about some of them as the topics arise.I am also going to be doing a Q&A blog post or Google Hang out soon! So if you have any questions about organizing, beauty products, my life, etc. please Tweet them to me using the hash tag #AskYoungNASAHousewife.



  1. Oh I love this idea. What a great way to make a really unappealing space look nice! It would also help with organisation, as our "under the sink" is a bit hit and miss....stuff everywhere!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! And I hear you! The under the sink area can be a catch all for everything sometimes. Glad you enjoyed the post! :)

  2. Omgosh you have given me some really awesome handy tips on organizing my house cleaners, I just throw everything into my mop bucket and under the sink it goes. lol

    This however, gives it a more cute and tidy look, I love it thank you so much Katrina. =0)

    1. Thanks for reading! Make sure you tweet me a picture if you go ahead and redo under your kitchen sink area :)