Thursday, August 15, 2013

Habits of a Housewife {5 Important Habits}

I'm not a full time housewife. I have my own business and my blogging on a regular basis has become a joyous job in itself; however, I take my housewife role very seriously.
For me being an organizer and a type A personality, there is something about managing your home and taking care of those you love. While the housewife role is somewhat controversial in today's culture, I can honestly, and genuinely say that it is something that fills my heart with joy.

 I have discovered some simple habits that help keep the housewife life fulfilling and continuously productive. Aside from the love for your family, of course!

My Housewife Habits

1. Create a Home!
You might be thinking this is a given! Often, myself included, we can forget the joy in being able to create a stable, inviting environment. Put your heart into your home. I know you're busy, and you may even work full time. If so, make an effort to turn your heart toward the home even for a small duration. So what does it mean to create a home? I'm not saying you have to get on Pinterest and load a thousand upgrades into your home, or go out and spend tons of money. I'm saying pick up for 20 minutes, organize a bit, re-do your house's entry way so it's inviting for those stopping by, and even take some time to decorate. I promise you will feel productive and your home will emulate joy.

2. Wake Up Early

There have been several studies that say people who wake up early are more productive. I 100% agree! If you work full time, try waking up 3 hours before you have to leave for work. Use this time to read, watch the news, eat breakfast, or put a load of laundry in. Trust me you will be happy you had some time before the long work day. If you are a full time housewife it is even MORE important for you to wake up early. By making the intentional decision to wake up early this allows time for you to get a workout in, read/watch news, and get your coffee going before you have to start your household management tasks or get the kids up and going. Your days will have more time and be more productive.

3. Maintain a To-Do List
I have to admit this is probably the simplest to-do list I have ever made. My to-do lists are beyond extensive and I have a Filofax dedicated to my life written in to-do form. However, whether it is a single to-do list, or five pages with added Post-its floating around your home, this is imperative. It not only adds to your daily productivity it also allows you to reflect on what you have accomplished in a day's time.

4. Write Down your Goals
This is not a month long to-do list. Those are not goals. Well maybe they are, but I'm asking you to be specific and long term. Maybe they are goals for your family, to learn something new, or it might be a behavioral change that you see you want to change (in yourself...not your partner). Write them down, categorize them, prioritize them, and then move toward them. It just may surprise you how putting your goals on paper can actually affect them happening.

5. Continued Learning
This is important to remember. Continued learning, whether you are at home or in the work force, allows all people to focus on life-long educational self improvement. I'm not really talking about going back to school (although that would be good). I am saying read a non-fiction book, take a class that interests you (beading, cooking etc.), learn a new language, or take up photography. Whatever may spark your interest to learn, it helps create well-roundness and satisfies general curiosity.

These habits can help not only the full time housewife, but I think are also applicable to those working full time. I am by no means telling you what is fulfilling for YOU. I am just sharing what I have found to be important as I balance my business, blogging, and my housewife life.

What habits help you stay productive at home or at work? Comment below! 

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  1. We have a house husband (is that a acceptable thing yet?) but i will be passing on your suggestions, some great ones here

    1. O yes! And I think no matter if you work, stay home, are a husband or a wife...these all apply to really everyone :)

  2. I'm totally an early riser, and list maker. Is there any better feeling than crossing things off your list!? So awesome.

    I totally am a goal maker...great advice!