Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cravings! {Corn Dogs}

 I had the biggest, craziest craving for a corn dog this morning when I woke up. Don't judge!
I know absolutely nothing about making corn dogs, nor do I ever cook fried food. I thought it would be interesting to share my process with you all and open up the comments for help when it comes to making this type of food homemade.

Corn Dogs (!)
Okay for Step 1 I just got out all my ingredients and set them aside. I am cheating here by using the Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix instead of making my own...I know...I know. I actually really LOVE the Jiffy mix. It has a much sweeter taste. Then I have some Oscar Mayer Turkey hotdogs that we had frozen. I just thawed them out. Lastly, I had the skewers, which I end up breaking down to size.
 Step 2 I took some vegetable oil (that was the only oil I had to fry in) and got that heating up on the stove while I halved my skewers. Step 3.

Don't worry, I used the pointy side to stick the hotdogs and left the splintered side down.
Step 4. Mix up the muffin mix.
Just follow the directions on the box. Each box calls for 1 egg and 1/3 of milk. I used two boxes so I just doubled that. The reason I used two boxes was I thought I would need more to coat the package of hotdogs. I ended up with some mix left over, so it's possible you don't need two boxes.

Step 5, skewer your dogs! Like I mentioned, if you are using the same type of skewers I seem to have found in my kitchen, make sure to stick the pointy side in the hotdog.
All ready to be coated! Step 6.
This was a bit harder to do than I anticipated. I rolled the hotdog around a couple ways for a bit, then switched directions. I used the mixing spoon as well to help fully coat the hotdog.
Then I just dipped them in the oil! I made sure the oil was at about 350 degrees. I have NO idea if that is the correct temperature for frying food, but it seemed like I good temp. so I went with it.
I used my hand to dip the corn dog in the oil and because I used a bigger pot with less oil I had to get really close.
I burnt myself.
If you have a smaller pot and have more oil to add, you might be better off.
About 3 minutes dip time did it for me!
I took them out when they turned a golden brown and set them on a plate with paper towel.
Hit the craving spot!

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  1. Katrina! These look so delicious! How much oil did you use in the pot? It looks like an inch but I can't quite tell from the picture.

    1. It is a bit more than that. I would actually say like 1/4 of the way full. The picture is deceiving :\ Haha sorry :)

  2. I've never had one of these (they're just not a thing in the UK), but I really want to try making a veggie version. What sort of recipe would you use if you didn't have the mix? Because I don't think we have those, either! :)

    1. Hi Rachel! Thanks for reading! I would just make it homemade if you couldn't find an already made mix. Just have to have a recipe that is on the sweeter cornbread side. Some homemade corn bread can turn out not so sweet. Here is a recipe that I think would work well:


  3. I will have to do this. My husband is a English and loves doing "American things". What's more American than a hotdog on a stick covered in corn bread. Looks delicious!