Thursday, August 1, 2013

DIY {Ribbon Holder and Storage}

This is perfection! I had been looking for a crafting ribbon holder for awhile. I found several just by searching on Google. The problem for me is I don't have enough ribbon, or should I say much ribbon. I tend to reuse ribbon so I have an over-sized ziploc bag in my craft closet just for that. Any package, gift, or new purchase with a beautiful ribbon I will usually save it and use again.
 Many of the ribbon organizers would look really nice with tons of ribbon all dispersed across the spool. However, for me I just don't need that much ribbon organizing space; and on top of that I don't have my own designated craft room (yet!). I will eventually get ones that mount on the wall and have additional components incorporated.

I couldn't yet justify purchasing an organizer without the space. So after searching, I finally took one of my own belt hangers, which is a multiple rod hanger, and removed the top rod. Making just enough room for the spools of ribbon.

This really is all I needed! The great part about this is I can hang it in my craft closet easily; and can unravel as much as I need, when I need.

Hopefully this gives you some inspiration to do your own DIY Ribbon Holder to save some space or just get organized!

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  1. lovely!

  2. Very cool. Any ideas for pieces of ribbon that don't have spools? I have a few ziplock baggies with ribbon remnants, you might call them. :) Best to just keep in a little box still?

    1. Thanks! I just keep them in a little bin, because I try to re-purpose ribbon all the time. You might could separate them in Ziploc bags by color, then store in a basket that way you don't have to dig through one huge bin of random ribbon for something to match a gift or craft. Just a thought :) Thanks for reading!