Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How I Stay Organized {Personal Management Filofax Update}

Not too long ago I posted my first How I Stay Organized blog post and since then I have been doing a few here and there every now and then. Well since that first post about how I organize my personal home management I have updated my Filofax.
My Filofax is my obsession. I can not live without it. That's not true. I could live without it; but my life would be disheveled and I would accomplish things in bits and pieces with no plan. For me, I just can't have that. And because I just keep adding things to my life and day-to-day (I know...just wait till I have kids!), I felt I needed something bigger.

The A5 Finsbury by Filofax. I love it! This is much bigger than the personal sized Filofax I had prior.

I really like having the extra space to write everything down.
I keep I few important items in the front pockets.
My favorite Martha Stewart Color Coding Labels that I have talked about a crazy amount on this blog, are kept in the front pocket here. I use these for color coding specific tasks throughout the month. I also keep the smaller squared Post-its, if I need to create an extra list or note. Additionally, I have my little Post-it flags and a few paper clips. Most of this you have seen before.
My A5 Filofax came with the ruler that you see. I use that to keep my pages in line. But I also like to keep my older pages in the Filofax. I know some people like to rip out the used pages as they go, however I like the ability to look back over the weeks.
So you can see that the Filofax diary here is a Week on Two Pages. I'm not a fan of this because I like to have wwaaaayyy more room to write things down. This is what is comes with, which is nice. They also sent me the 2014 and remainder of 2013. However, because I like more room, I also order the Day per Page Diary. This, however, comes for 2014 already. So until 2014 I will be getting by with the Week on Two Pages.
This is the 2014 Day per Page that I have not opened and inserted yet.
I'm looking forward to having the extra space.
My A5 also came with a few divider tabs which I went ahead and labeled as 2013, 2014, business cards and YoungNASAWife. I keep all my blog scheduling and post ideas in this section.

The Filofax comes with a few items that I removed to create some more space. I didn't feel like I needed them as well.
It came with the A-Z dividers that I just don't have the use for currently. I just removed them and set them aside if the need to use them should ever arise. I also replaced the white Filofax paper pad that came included with my own Kate Spade yellow pad. I will use the pad at some other point.
And finally I just wanted to show you my little color coding pens. I just keep these in a pouch near my Filofax to color code certain weekly to-dos. Or if my husband has an appointment, activity, or other scheduled something going on he is the dark blue color. Just helps me keep even more organized...which is always a plus.

Very happy with my new Filofax! Looking forward to the new year so that I can have even more room per day!

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  1. Great post! I am trying to work on my organizing skills (or lack of). This gives me some ideas. I like the color coded pens. Following your blog now, it is so cool :)

    1. Thanks! Those pens keep me organized and bring life to my week on paper :) Thanks for stopping by!