Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Menu Planning Project {Before & After}

I had a pretty standard way for planning my menus. I even think you were able to catch a glimpse of it during my How I Stay Organized {Personal + Household Management} post.
Nevertheless I needed a change. Mostly for aesthetic reasons; and I thought I would take you along on my little Menu Planning Project journey.
It was very basic. I would sit down and plan my meals for two weeks in advance. The ultimate help with my shopping lists and staying on budget. I knew everything I had to buy; no more, no less. I just used these lined 4x6 index cards that you can get at Staples. As you can see, I wrote the Month and Week followed by each day of the week. I would write down each meal I was planning on cooking that week in tandem with writing my shopping lists.
The functionality is there, but like I mentioned, aesthetically it's not so pleasing.
I started browsing on Pinterest and putting together an idea for something new with some 'Pinspiration' influence.

I started with the meals. I knew I didn't want to have to write all my meals down each time. Typically, while I make a few new meals a week, I do tend to repeat the staple dinners. I wanted to make little meal cards. (Free Downloadable Meal Template Here)
I knew that I was going to be tackling this project for awhile, so I saved all my meal index cards to make up several pages of meals.
I then laminated these pages with my laminating machine from Office Depot (that is the brand).
Then it was on to cutting them!
So I have my meals all set to go and now it was on to the platform to display them.
I literally purchased TWO items for the project. I had everything else in my crafting closet.
I needed a decent sized picture frame, roughly about a 11x17 size. You need it to be a FLAT frame. For this specific project you can't have one with a beveled frame. I picked this one up at my local SPCA Thrift Store (support the puppies!). Then I just needed some clothes pins. I didn't have any around my house so I had to buy them. A grand total of 50 clothes pins in this pack, but we will only need 7.

 Step 1: Take the back of the frame out to cover back and paint frame.

Recognize the contact paper? I just went ahead and covered the back of the frame in some contact paper that looks good. Then I went ahead and painted the frame a mint color by Valspar.

Step 2: Next, go ahead and paint your clothes pins any color you think will match with your frame.
I chose grey to go with my mint colored frame, and then had some cute stickers on hand to mark each one with a day of the week.

Step 3: Finally, put it all together! (Wondering how it turned out?) Glue your clothes pins on the left hand side of your frame with hot glue. Then add a title and any additional decoration or detail to the frame back. Place the back body of the frame in and secure.
It's too cute! Love how it turned out!
 I need to adjust some of the grey painting on the clothes pins.

Finally, as I plan my meals I just pick them out amongst my printed meal cards and select which day of the week we will be having that yummy meal.
Let me know if you tried this! Or have a different way you plan your meals!

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  1. Love it! I do the same, but love your creativity!

  2. This is a neat idea. Perfect for those on a budget and for keeping family time in check!-Deb (DialMforMoms.com)

    1. Thanks Deborah! And will definitely check out the Link Party as well :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I also wanted to invite you over to Dial Moms Monday #14 Back to School Linky Party. I believe this would be a great article to share with my other blogger friends! Stop on by! Love to have you join us! - Deb (Direct Link: http://www.dialmformoms.com/dial-moms-mondays-14-back-to-school/)

  4. These are sooooooooooooo CUTE !!
    Very creative and I like it :)

  5. Oooo...I love the diy..menu...absolutely cute!! I tend to find new recipes on pinterest too but usually make them on a vim -I am horrible at planning:-(

    1. I love me some Pinterest :) Thanks for reading!

  6. Thanks for the Idea! I am soon moving in with my soon to be husband and we have a daughter so this will help me stay organize and save money!

    Oh I found you from Instagram!


    1. Good to know :) I love my Instagram! haha Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Very cute idea, it would probably work for those with kids for scheduling a chore day.

  8. This is so adorable!! I think I'm gonna give this a go!

    1. Yay! Let me know when you do! Thanks for reading!

  9. That is so sweet! What a fabulous idea, I think I'll be giving this one a go! Cheers for the tip Lovely!

    xx Em


  10. I love this! I'll be switching from working a 4 day week to a full 5 days this month, and I'm looking for all the organizational helkp I can get! This is a goodie:)