Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Top Three Life Events After Marriage {Guest Post: Hillary}

 My guest post this week comes from my home state of New York! 
Hillary and her husband have been married a little over a year and a half and currently reside in New York (yesss...I'm a tad jealous). They are VERY excited to be expecting a little new addition to their family in February. Her blog post is perfect for Young NASA Housewife as she discusses the top three life events after marriage.


 Top Three Life Events

As you age, your big life events go from things like graduating high school, turning 21, and graduating college to other events that are more adult. Here are three of the top life events after marriage.

1. Your first home. Purchasing your first home after you are married can be exciting and stressful at the same time. You need to think about not just your current needs, like commute time to work, but your future needs, such as having children. It is important to look at real estate sites like Zillow to learn about houses that are on the market, property values, and neighborhood information.

2. First anniversary.
The first year you are married is a lot of fun. You are setting up your home as a couple. You are working out new routines and going from two individuals to your own two-person family. Make sure you do something special to celebrate your first anniversary. The traditional first anniversary gift is paper, so think about having your wedding invitation framed with the types of flowers that were in your bouquet or boutonniere. Or think about writing an old fashioned love letter to your new spouse. The romantic gesture will not be lost!

3. Having children. Many parents say the most amazing and life changing moment in their lifetime was having their children. Your whole life changes when you have a child. You now need to provide for this wonderful little person and you want to do everything perfect! We all know, however, parents aren’t perfect, but they will always do their best. What is most important is to make sure your child has a safe living space. That means making sure you “baby proof” your home and that you have a safe baby crib. While many people want to use a crib that has been passed down through the family, unfortunately, that isn’t always safe. In recent years there have been great advancements in baby crib safety. So it ultimately makes the most sense to get a new crib. There are plenty of places to check out for the newest trends in baby cribs, but I especially like the variety of Bambi Baby.

These are just three of the many memorial life events that will take place as your long and happy life together continues to take shape. Just make sure to enjoy all of them along the way!

A special thanks to Hillary for sharing on Young NASA Housewife! Make sure you follow her on Twitter @hillaryfarr!


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