Thursday, September 5, 2013

How I Stay Organized {Folding Towels}

Yes. I'm talking towels. Not so much because it is this "huge organizational factor", but more so because nothing makes me happier than to have freshly folded towels.
Excuse me...CORRECTLY folded towels.
You could say I'm picky over how my towels are folded, but I'm perfectly fine admitting that I obsess over it from time to time.

Needless to say, while folding towels certainly make me happy, it also really helps when organizing the linen closet. Everything looks streamline and you don't see any towel tags, seams, or towel corners.

Here's how I fold!
1. Fold your towel in half. Hamburger style. Remember that from school?
2. Fold in one side. Hotdog way.
3. Fold in the other side.
4. Finally, fold in half. Stack nicely in the your linen closet.

Happy Towel Folding!



  1. I love that this is the exact way I fold my towels. I get anxiety watching my husband fold them... weird. And it kills me to not fix them when he walks away.

  2. I fold the exact same way! Yeah, I'm a bit OCD on this as well. =0) Glad to know I'm not alone. I'm now following via GFC and bloglovin. Visiting from Blog It Up G+ community.

    1. Haha! Thanks for stopping by! Will check out your site too!

  3. Lol...I don't think you should look in my towel cupboard. Whilst I "try" to fold nicely, they never seem to look quite right! Mine also don't look quite as nice as fluffy as yours either!

  4. I guess as a graduating college student I'll have to take this one to heart! Gotta be out in the real world folding towels in the real world way soon ;)

  5. Years ago I worked at the department store Dillards. I sometimes worked in the Home department and they have a specific way to fold the towels so they are nice and round looking and stack neatly for display. I swear it changed my life....or at least the lives of my towels. I STILL fold my own towels this way.

    1. I love Dillard's towel/bedding area! Jealous you know the secret :)

  6. Hear hear! THis is how I fold too! My husband offers to fold a way that gives me anxiety, so I ALWAYS have to do it!