Thursday, September 12, 2013

How I Stay Organized: Walking Pharmacy

Where would I be without my little walking pharmacy? I know what you are thinking. Pharmacy? Sounds like you are carting around a bunch of pills.
Yeeeaaaah... no.
I've heard the term walking pharmacy used by other ladies so I have adopted the term to be applicable to this little case of my everyday on-the-go needs.
So in my purse I keep this little makeup case that serves as my walking pharmacy. I think I got this case at T.J.Maxx a few years ago. I wasn't really using it so when I decided to put together a small walking pharmacy this case came in handy.

So what is a walking pharmacy and what do I include? Well for starters, most of the items that I have in here are what I would normally keep in a zipper pocket of a purse with a few bonus items included. I like to keep all these items corralled in this case because then I know exactly where I can find what I need. Instead of (the all too familiar) endless searching for a tissue or Ibuprofen.

Here is what's included!
(This is just a few things that I keep in my walking pharmacy. You can tailor this to carry anything you please)
1. Ibuprofen: I keep this in my walking pharmacy for headaches, cramps, or even if other people need some for an ailment.

2. Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer:I always keep hand sanitizer in here because I prefer to always have the option to the kill germs on my hands. It is nice when my husband and I are out and about shopping and we want to grab some food. Always a good thing to have on the go!

3. Tea: Yes. This is cray cray! I carry two tea bags around with me just in case. I like to have the option of tea and if we are somewhere that doesn't have a kind I like then I have what I need. Just order up the hot water!

4. Tissues: We all have runny noses from time to time.

5: Moist Towelettes: I keep these if I grab a few extra from a restaurant. The are a necessity after I shove my face with BBQ.

6: Chap Stick/Lip Balm: I always have a lip balm in my pharmacy. Keep those lips hydrated and looking good y'all!

7: Not Picture Items: I have a few items that rotate in and out my walking pharmacy. Currently they are not in here, but make their way in as needed. They include:
Tampons (during that time ladies)
Hand Cream (when I notice my hands are more dry...during cold months)
Band Aids (I usually keep some in here at all times, but they have been used..ouch blisters!)

I love having my walking pharmacy all together in a little case. Easy to take to the bathroom and easy to find everything I need. 
What would you keep in your walking pharmacy?



  1. Great idea! I have one, too, with many of the same items. But you can take the zippered bag idea a step further, if it would help you. I have all my makeup items for touch-ups in one small bag; gum, mints and antacids in another, and all other necessities in yet another. It keeps my purse organized and it's easier to switch purses this way. Plus, the very best part is that I know what each bag feels like by touch, so I can just reach into my bag and pull out the bag I need. No more digging!!!!

  2. Fantastic post!

  3. I carry aspirin in mine. I actually saved an elderly woman's life on mother's day with that aspirin.