Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Transition to Fall!

I don't know about you but FALL is my favorite season! I'm fighting the urge to pull out all my fall decorations before the actual start of it. That might even be this weekend now that I think about it.
Fall just isn't the same here in Florida like it was up north. There was always a clear cut off between summer and fall in New York. Here, it just sort-of blends together until the end of November.

Nonetheless, I still go about my fall rituals in getting my home all set for the season; regardless of my location.

I thought I would share what I do to get my home fall ready!

1. Change out my Candles!- This is probably the first item I tackle off my 'get ready for fall list'. Something about having the condo smell like fall gets me all pumped up for the season! My favorite candle scent is from Bath and Body Works and it's called Leaves
(I know this is a good one for most of you!)

2. Changing up my Closet- I don't live in the north anymore so it's not the biggest of deals for me to pull my sweaters and coats to the front of my closet. However, I do still want to get out some of my longer sleeved shirts and fall colors ready to go. This is the next item that I get to on my list. I pull my fall clothes to the front of the closet for easier access. On top of that, I take the time to purge and donate any summer clothes that were on their last leg or just not in my color wheel anymore! Any excuse for more shopping...right?

3. Re-Organize my Makeup- This may sound weird to get ready for the fall...but I organize my makeup based on season. There are just some colors in my collection that I only wear in the summer. The bright pinks, peaches, and lighter formula products. I like to get some of my darker tones out, for example, cranberry colors, mauve, rose, etc. These colors do my face proud in the fall time so I like to switch them out!

4. Switch my Handbag- O yes! Handbags! I like to rotate via season. I know call me crazy, but many of you do it too! In the summertime I usually like to have a cross body or light bag on my person, but in the fall is when I can pull out my larger bags! For this fall season I brought out my large brown handbag that has loads of room and goes with any fall outfit I can throw together.

5. Put out Fall Decor- Like I mentioned prior, I'm trying to wait until the first day of fall (officially) to put out my decorations. I may have to just pull down the bins and stare at them until then. I don't have a large quantity of fall decorations (not like I do Christmas), but I have a good amount to make my home feel cozy. I also have some Halloween decorations that I like to put out mid-October.

How do you get ready for Fall? Is there something that MUST be in your home to make it feel like Fall? Apple cider maybe? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. I have all my Fall decor out! Yep, I am catching up on your blogs! Some of the blogs on makeup, I do not care much about, but this one, I had to comment. I have pumpkin spice candle out ( Yankee candle) , wreath on the front door, fall berry vine around the foyer mirrow and black hutch in my kitchen. Som decor pumkins hear and there around the house along with decor. leaves. Also, just yesterday, made a batch of pumpkin cookies! Leaves are startng to change color! Dad and I will hav eto go on a motorcycle ride soon amongst the beauty! Will be alittle cold though. Hot choc. or hot cider when we get back. In about a week, I will go and get a real big pumpkin for the front stoop. Oh, and I got my mums! Love this time of year! Miss you Katrina and love you! Enjoy your fall decorating!

  2. Home is heaven. Doing what you love is always cheers up