Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Homemade Cards {My Collection + Inspiration}

I'm not the craftiest of persons. I do my best to tackle DIY projects and try hard to get in touch with my artist within; but all in all I'm not super crafty. I'm starting to change that as I blog more and pin ideas on Pinterest that just never seem to turn out the same. I am excited to be doing more DIY projects around the home that hopefully are a bit more on the crafty side.

One craft that I love to do is make handmade cards. It started, really, for a threefold reason. One, I hated picking out cards. There are just so many and I struggled to find that right one. Two, the price. Let's be honest who wants to pay a whole $6 for a card that says 'Thank You'. Thirdly, I absolutely love putting my little personalized touch on the cards that I make.

So now I make all my cards that I send out. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings/engagements, and more! I love taking the time to craft a card that comes from my heart. I don't have the best art skills but they please the recipients and in turn that makes it all worth it.

Here are a few that I have made in the past couple months!

I guess I'm trying to say, keep in mind crafting yourself. From someone who is totally not crafty, I have found joy giving a small handmade card to family and friends.

What sort of crafts do you have a passion for?



  1. Love homemade cards!! You are creative, Trina. Love you! -mom

  2. Super cute!! I love to do crafts but am definitely not creative if that makes any sense. haha I would have to look up ideas and then go from there. Still have a good time doing it though!

  3. Love homemade! I make up a big batch of cards several times a year. Love getting creative and there's always a stash of cards to choose from for every special occasion. xx