Thursday, October 3, 2013

How I Stay Organized {Home Management Binder}

I just love sharing how I stay organized with y'all! On top of that, I love hearing what you do  to stay organized as well. Today I wanted to share with you my home management binder system. I have talked about my home management in the past, but I have not addressed this binder.

Our home management binder helps my husband and I stay on top all things related to managing a home. I designed this fun colored cover to insert into the top of my binder. I have a link for you to download this Home Management Binder Cover in PDF form. Please only use for personal use.

I then went ahead and determined the information I wanted to keep in here which then dictated the tabs I created.

I created my own tabs using small cubed Post-Its, my label machine, and packing tape. I did this for two reasons (which I explain in the video as well). The main reason was I didn't have any tabs on hand and they are easy to make this way; but also because it can be a struggle to find tabs that are wide enough for labeler labels. Most tabs can be a bit narrow.

I went ahead and made both my own tabs and dividers. For the divider I printed out the divider cover I created and inserted that sheet along with a piece of card stock in a sheet protector. The tab was then attached to that. Check out the video to see more.

The tabs were labeled as follows:
Home Maintenance
Family Finances
Family (Home) Budget
Home Insurance
Home Inspiration
Holiday Prep

I keep a bunch of different sheets and forms that help my family stay organized. Some I created myself and others I was able to print from some other blogs.

It would take a really long blog post to show pictures and describe all the items that I'm keeping in our home management binder. I thought a video would help. Now I'm a blogger and have zero skill when it comes to recording videos. I know this video is a bit choppy and the camera really picks up all the movement...but nonetheless I wanted to include it so you could see how I set up my home management binder.

There are so many ways to set up your own home management binder. Hopefully you find the best way to keep your family organized as it works for you all!


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