Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How I Stay Organized {Packing to Move Series}

We are on our way out of the condo! In about two weeks we will be closing on our first home and moving. The packing has begun, and I figured it would be nice to share how I stay organized while packing to move.

First off, we picked up some materials.
We get our boxes from U-Haul. I like the policy they have that if you don't use all the boxes, they will buy them back from you at the same price you purchased them. Joey likes to get the medium sized boxes because they are the easiest to carry without a dolly. If you go much bigger it is hard to wrap your arms around them.

We also got the wrapping paper, newsprint. This time we only got one box because previously when we moved we had too much left over that has since then disappeared.

When I pack, I like to established a color key for my boxes. I do this using different colored and sized Post-it notes.
The larger Post-its I use for the larger rooms in the home. For example, our kitchen, living room, formal dining, etc. Then the smaller Post-its I use for some of the smaller rooms.
So how this works is each Post-it note color corresponds with a room in our new house. Then on those I can write what is in the box.
I normally don't write which room the box goes in on the Post-It, this one was an exception. Typically the color of the Post-it dictates where it belongs in the new house.

I made a video to help explain some of this and it is done more in a vlog type style for those of you who are interested. It can be seen here.

More to come as we pack up to move!



  1. Good Luck with your move - it can be exciting and exhausting at the same time. I was pretty organized the last time we moved - although I didn't have a color coded room system, I did have every box labeled with the room it was intended for in the new house. Every time my father-in-law came into the house with a box he would stop and ask where I wanted it to go. After I while I realized that I had too many names for each room - he kept mixing up which was the family room, living room, and bonus room (the room over the garage). Eventually I just pointed him in the direction he needed to go....

  2. A really wise choice of materials there. The buyback option should be most welcome. It's just a matter of keeping those boxes together and shut tight, but otherwise, you've got all of the things covered right down to the last Post-It. Amazing organizational skills there.

    Clay @ World Packaging Co.

  3. Packing should be properly before moving. If you want to enjoy a stress-free move, it is important to pack each & every thing professionally.

  4. I must agree that those post-it notes are stress-savers! They keep you from digging boxes out just to find where you put a specific item. And as for packing boxes, it’s better if you strap them up, because simply taping them is sometimes not enough to keep stuff inside from dropping out.

    Thelma Bowman @ Quality Strapping Inc.


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