Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mississippi Life {The Good Life}

oooo Mississippi! So peaceful :) We headed up to MS a bit sooner than we had anticipated, but what a fun trip it has been so far.
Nothing like that country air that starts to linger around when the start of fall begins.
The fields in Mississippi are one of a kind! I love the open land. When we were driving by and stopped to take pictures I didn't hear another car...just the mooooo of the cows and the gusts of wind.
Spending time with the family at the family business has been fun. It has been awesome  learning more about the sawmill and the operations around here.
Isn't my husband so cute!? haha
The beauty is just breathtaking!

Good food and amazing family!



  1. Great pics! It looks so peaceful - sounds like you had a wonderful time :)


  2. Pictures are GREAT Katrina! So different from down in Florida, huh? Have fun with and give everyone a "hello" and "hug" for us. Mom

  3. Beautiful! I always loved MS. We camp there a lot!

  4. Love your blog :-) im reading every week everytime you b post it:-)