Thursday, November 14, 2013

Birthday Haul!

Ahhhhh! What a whirlwind this past week has been! I didn't get a chance to blog on Tuesday as per my usual schedule due to moving and having a million and one things going on.
Butttttt.... I'm back with a fun post :)

I was able to do some birthday shopping yesterday at Ulta and Home Goods, and I thought I would share my purchases from Ulta. I will be doing a living room tour when the house is all situated and that will include the items from Home Goods.

I purchased the Original in Clean and Classic and the Hint of Color for Blondes. I haven't tried a dry shampoo before and I decided to pick one up because it takes me so long to style (straighten) my hair. By the time my second day hair rolls around it isn't super dirty but I still want my hair to feel clean without having to wash my hair for the day and redo all my styling

I had my eye on this Tarte Gorgeous Getaways Portable Palette since I received the Ulta catalog in the mail.
I apologize for the poor quality in these photos. My lighting wasn't ideal. I picked this up because the deal was AMAZING! The palette includes 16 new full sized Amazonian clay eyeshadows, 4 new full size Amazonian clay 12 hour-blushes (which is the reason I bought it), and then 3 new full full size maracuja lip-glosses. It also includes the portable palette compact so you can pick out what you want to take with you.
I love Tarte blushes, so the blushes themselves were an amazing deal. I can't wait to play with this palette.

This little baby I wanted to try for before I blow dry my hair. I had read good reviews about this new Living Proof line and this product in particular.

Looking forward to trying my new products! Let me know if you want a review on any of the above products and I will do one after I try it out for a bit.



  1. Let me know how the dry shampoo works. I have been thinking about trying some for a while. I hope the unpacking is going well and you had a good birthday! -Kim T

  2. I love dry shampoo! It changed my life haha!
    Hope you had a great birthday! : )

  3. Review the tarte set please! :D