Tuesday, November 26, 2013

House Projects {Painting Outside Lamps}

The home projects have already begun. I am trying to do my part of the outside projects and recently I took on our outside lighting situation.
We decided that we liked the shape and type of lights that these were; but they really needed some love!
Let me show ya what I did...
1. I started by cleaning the lights. I just took a mildly damp rag and wiped off any dirt and spider webs from these old things.

2. I then sanded the rough, rusty spots down with sand paper and a Dremel tool. Provided by my husband ;)

3. I cleaned off the lamp again. This time it was to make sure all the dust created by the Dremel was cleared off.

4. I used painters tape to tape all the windows. To make such an awkward taping job easier, I just used an X-acto knife to cut the tape to size while on the window.

Here are some more pictures! This was a such a fun little project.

Glad we decided to re-purpose these outdoor lights! Saved some money and they look good as new. Now I just have to keep up with the glass cleaning!



  1. These look great! I like how re-purposing old items with a DIY makes things fun and unqiue.

    I found your blog when you followed me on Instagram awhile ago, and I wanted to tell you that I really enjoy it so I started following it :)

    I can't wait to see some more projects in your new home!

    Sweet Spontaneity

  2. Thanks Sarah! I love trying new projects. I'm heading over to check out your blog as well :) Thanks for stopping by!