Thursday, November 21, 2013

How I Stay Organized {5 Tips for Seasonal Decor}

It is getting to be that time of the year. I am starting to think about pulling out my Christmas/Winter decorations and putting my Fall decor away.
 I don't have too many decorations to store, but I do have a few tips and pointers for y'all in order to keep your seasonal items organized.

1. Storage-  The biggest problem with our seasonal decorations is that we only use them one time a year for a short period of time. It is best to store your items in a low traffic area that doesn't affect the functionality and storage space of frequently utilized items. Additionally, when thinking about choosing a storage location for your items, choose a location that is safe and problem free. For example, I live in Florida and I don't have a basement. The garage would be my next guess, but as it's humid here 98% of the year I would rather store my seasonal decor in my larger guest bedroom closet.

2. Group Decorations- How many seasons or holidays do you decorate for? How much decor do you have? These are questions to ask yourself as you are deciding how to group your decorations together. I prefer using bins to separate my seasonal decor, rather than boxes. I use bins for each season and/or holiday I decorate for. Since Christmas is the holiday I have the most decorations for, I have two bins. I have a few items for fall that are separate from Halloween, but I can't justify a fall bin just yet; therefore I use Ziploc bags and small bins to store my fall items and just include them in the larger bin.

3. Label Your Bins- Label your bins. It is easy to pull out your Christmas decorations if you know that is the bin with the Christmas items. I even like to take it a step further if I have multiple bins. I take a Post-it note and write down what is in the bin. I stick it on the inside of the lid. That way, when I open a bin I don't have to dig through the bin to find out what is included. I just glance at the Post-it and know what I have in that particular bin.

4. Purge Items- Did you not use an item this season? Or did you buy some new items to replace older decorations? Make sure you are mindful of your storage space. If you don't have the space to keep all your new and older decorations, take the time to go through your decor items and purge what you don't use in your decorating scheme.

5. Putting Decorations Away- If you start decorating in a certain room each time the season rolls around, then you might try putting your decorations away in that reversed order. This way the room you always want to start in is on top. Same goes for the storage of the bins. When you put your Christmas bins away for the season, don't just set them on top of your spring decor. You would then have to move all your Christmas bins just to get to the other seasons/holidays. Make sure you are rotating your bins each time you pick up your decorations and put them away.

Happy Decorating!


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