Thursday, November 7, 2013

How I Stay Organized {Gift Giving Holiday Checklist}

Ahhhhhh... it is that time! The time when I start to think Christmas! Truth be told I have been working on Christmas for awhile now; but, nonetheless I have really pressed the play button on getting my Holiday Gift Giving Checklist up and running.

Now I have to mention this, I did not create this particular checklist. I have created my own in the past, but early this year I stumbled across a Professional Organizer (like myself) named Alejandra and she just had a great checklist in my opinion. I will point out what really made me switch when I go through it all.

I will have links to her video and where to download a copy of this at the end of the post.
Now I changed the colors because I'm all about brighter fun colors!

Lets take you through this!
1. Family/Friend: This is self explanatory. List everyone in your family (and your spouse's family, if married). This includes everyone that you will give a gift, card, or stocking to.

2. Card Dates: This is the main reason why I decided to go with Alejandra's checklist. I love the idea of this card process. The card dates listed are December 1st through the 9th. The way this is set up, it allows you to write out Christmas cards a little bit each day. I hate when I have to do so much writing in one sitting. Breaking it up by day allows you to do a bit everyday until December 9th, which is a perfect time to finally send out all your Christmas cards :)

3. Gift or Stocking? Or Both?: These two columns are just for me to check off if I have purchased the gift item and/or the stocking items. You will notice the blacked out cells which just mean the particular person is not receiving a gift and/or stocking stuffers.

4. Grey Area: This is just a personal section that I wanted to explain because it is different from the blacked out cells. The grey area is where I write the different stocking stuffer ideas I have. I made it grey so I know they aren't really gift items. Trust me...this girl has got to distinguish between the two!

5.Deadline for Gift: This is helpful when you need to set a timeline to be finished Christmas shopping. You will notice I have two pretty different dates. I am celebrating Christmas earlier this year with my family, so my deadline to have their gifts purchased is December 11th. However, my husband's family's gifts can be purchased all the way up to December 23rd if need be. I don't like to wait that long though...

6. Budget: I like this column because you can set limits on your Christmas shopping. It is helpful to keep track of how much you want to spend on each person, but also it is perfect for those Christmas exchanges. For example, my dad's side of the family does a small gift exchange. We draw names out of a hat and we each have one person to buy for rather than buying for everyone (budget friendly). There is also a limit, or budget, to how much the gift can cost. That is perfect for me to write in the budget category because I usually have a harder time sticking to a budget. One thing I am going to change for next year is inserting a column for money actually spent. It will be nice to know if I go over budget on a gift and how much I was over.

7. Thank You Cards: I typically don't send out Christmas 'Thank Yous'. Mainly because I'm with my family and I thank them for any gifts at that time. However, some families are split for Christmas or you may get a gift sent in the mail. A Thank You card would be nice to send upon those occasions.

Happy Holiday Prep!


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