Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How I Stay Organized {Packing to Move:Disheveled}

As an organizer, it is painful to see my condo slowly come to it's demise. Box after box seems to be piling up and it is only a few more days before I lose my mind.
I have discovered a few tips to help keep order when order seems lost.

1. Re-arrange: In order for me to keep our packed moving boxes in a easy, central location to get to; I just went ahead and moved my couch. Rearranging at moving time might seem weird, but you don't want to start piling boxes in a corner that will take a maze like path to get to when trying to load a moving truck.

2. Location of Boxes:
Are you moving all at once? Or a bit at a time? This matters. If you are moving in several trips the location of your boxes is everything. Make sure you have your most needed essential items ready to go for the first day of moving. Then leave some items you can live without for a few days behind for your other trips.

3. Find a Happy Balance:
Between what you ask? Between packing and doing other house chores as you go. I get burnt out if I try packing for 8 hours straight. I just can't do it. So in between I take small breaks to get my cleaning in, laundry, or baking some cookies :)

These are very simple tips that I'm not the first to think of, but they serve as a small reminder that there is away to keep semi-organized during a disorganized time.


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