Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Moving: A Fresh Start

You know...there is something about moving. After all the stress of packing, hiring movers, moving,changing addresses, updating family and friends, there is something peaceful about it. It's like a fresh start.
Now the fresh start feeling doesn't come right away. Nope. When I was sitting in my house with boxes piled to the ceiling I just felt overwhelmed and stressed. I never thought it would get finished. But somewhere in the middle of the unpacking I started to feel a joy. Yes, it could be because the excitement of owning our first home was starting to actually take shape, but it was something different for me.
A fresh start.
The idea of a blank canvas and a new layout to play with. I wasn't confined to the same setup as in the condo and it felt awesome to design our new rooms. The fun, new organization that was taking place with the new space meant different functionality and ideas.
To me, it was interesting to experience the wave of emotions after a physical and emotional move, and the only way I can really sum it up is the feeling of a fresh start.
Something new.

As we start to settle into our new home and tackle some house projects I can only feel a bit anxious as a first time homeowner. Will we do it right? Will we make it worse?
I'm grateful to have such a smart, hard working husband who knows way more than I do about any of this; that helps.
But when I start to get worried I try to correct myself. I repeat...
It's a fresh start.
A new adventure.



  1. Congratulations on your fresh start

  2. Congrats and best wishes! I can't wait for our day!!!