Thursday, December 12, 2013

Batiste Dry Shampoo {Product Review + Giveaway}

When I posted my birthday haul blog post about a month ago, I received an over-whelming response from y'all to do a review for the Batiste Dry Shampoo. 

I have used the product for about two weeks now and have really been loving it! Now, I will say that so far I have only used the Clean and Classic Original. I have not tried the one with a hint of color for blondes. That being said, I figured I would do a small review on why I wanted to try a dry shampoo, how I use it, and then do a list of PROs and CONs.

Why Dry Shampoo?: I have naturally curly hair. It is thick, getting longer, and just overall at times annoying. I prefer, when I'm heading out and about, to blow dry and straighten my hair. The whole process, for me, can take up to an hour without rushing through it. With the process taking forever, I find it really hard to motivate myself everyday to style my hair, especially when I'm busy for the day and just need to get a move on. The dry shampoo can help with this.

How I Use Dry Shampoo?: So in the morning of the following day that I had styled my hair, I still need a shower (in order to wake up and start my day). I put my hair in a bun and place a shower cap over my hair. I go about my normal shower routine except for washing my hair. After I am out of the shower I can then focus on my hair. I take the Batiste Dry Shampoo and following the instructions, spray in the necessary amount. I lift my hair at the front, crown, and a bit on the sides and spray. I then massage the product into my hair and it IMMEDIATELY eliminates any dirt or greasy feeling within the hair. I then touch up my styling.
 Batiste PROs:
Easy to use.
Great for travel.
Priced fair.
Elimanates any dirt or grease from hair.
Works on curly hair.
Doesn't effect other products for styling.
Can use effectively up to day 3 hair (I didn't go any longer).
A little goes a long way.
Scent is fresh and clean, but not over powering.
Cap stays on nicely (a must have then traveling).
Does not leave any residue when applied correctly.

Batiste CONs:
If you spray too close to scalp a white patch can occur, however it goes away after massaging out.
If used too many days in a row, product won't work as well.
Can get white residue on dark clothing if you don't wash hands after massaging in your head.

 Why I Chose Batiste?: I had read some reviews and heard a lot about this dry shampoo and that is why I decided to give it a try. There are several other dry shampoos on the market and they range from drugstore brands, which are a bit less expensive, and there are higher end brands that cost more than the Batiste. If you are looking for a good middle of the road dry shampoo to start with, I would highly recommend Batiste.

I am giving away TWO FULL Sized Batiste in the Clean and Classic Original Scent.
Giveaway Rules:
 Giveaway runs until Friday, December 20, 2013 and is for the United States ONLY. There will be TWO winners! Giveaway is hosted with Rafflecopter and is really easy to use. Just follow the steps below. The more entries you make, the more chances to win. You must have parental permission if you are under the age of 18.
The winners will be announced on the giveaway widget and will be contacted.The winners must reply (as directed in post) within 48 hours or I will pick someone else...
Good luck!

How to Enter:
a Rafflecopter giveaway  

Disclaimer: This giveaway and review is not sponsored nor was there any compensation received for this product rave post. All prizes were purchased by me. All thoughts and opinions on this product are my own.


  1. I have a 15 year old daughter who has been wanting to try dry shampoo. She has inherited my gene of the overly oily hair and I think this would be a great product to try out. I love watching your videos and hearing about the nice weather in Florida.

  2. Thank you for posting! Merry Christmas!

  3. Have always wanted to try a dry shampoo. (A real one... not the ghetto one we used to use back in the 80's which was BABY POWDER!) I hope to win and give it a shot! lol

  4. You have aroused my curiosity for dry shampoo. Now I will have to look for it in these days!!
    Greetings from Italy (sorry for my english!)

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  6. Thank you for the giveaway! My daughter was so excited to try this. I have yet to hear her feedback on it, but when I do I will certainly share with you.