Thursday, December 5, 2013

House Projects {Outdoor Bleach?}

Have you heard of outdoor bleach before? I certainly had not, until I came across a bottle in Publix the other day.
My husband and I have been looking for something to use on the outside of our newly purchased home, that would take the green colored splash off the front of our house. It looked horrible as we would round the corner to come home. When I was shopping for bleach (for cleaning, laundry, etc.), I came across this outdoor bleach. Never heard of this before so we picked it up. Come to find out it has been around for awhile so I felt a silent awkwardness as I looked it up on the computer. Especially since I raved about it all the way home. Probably even more of a slight embarrassment really...

All this aside, it worked it's little miracle on the front of our home and we are going to use even more for our fence. It has instructions on the back that tells you how much to dilute it for the material you are going to be washing.

Here are some pictures to prove it!

Such a great difference! And before I get a million questions about it...yes those are colored rocks. No, we did not put them there. Yes, they will be going away once our new landscaping is finished.

What sorts of products work wonders for you?