Thursday, January 16, 2014

How I Stay Organized {The Doggie Stuff}

I have to admit, I find it somewhat embarrassing as a professional organizer when things are just.not.organized. That was the case with my dog Rebel's things.
Yep. This was it. When he was a puppy I had this bag that I used whenever we went somewhere. And I mean whenever. I toted this thing around like he was my child and this was his diaper bag . I had extra toys, puppy wipes, nail trimmers, potty bags, additional grooming supplies, treats, etc. You name it, I had it in there.
As he got older I traveled less and less with this whole bag and eventually only grabbed the necessities when I knew we needed them. After moving I struggled to find a place for this disheveled, bent out of shape bag. I even went so far to shove it in the top of my laundry room cabinets (with all my laundry items mind you).
I needed a change, organizational speaking. I finally sat down to change the system. Thank God I'm a professional! (cough, cough)

We had an old 3-tiered plastic drawer that Joey had saved from his single days and it has always ended up moving with us living in the laundry rooms as we go. No surprise that is where is ended up in our new house! (joy!)
Needless to say, it actually came in handy!
This guy fits perfectly between my washer and dryer; and after cleaning it out I had a plan for Rebel's things!
I really wanted to separate the items I had for Rebel. I hated after pulling out every single grooming supply I had, I would finally come across the potty bags. Or even his leash. That thing would get tangled in zippers, straps, and toys! So I take that back...I didn't want to separate these items, I NEEDED to separate them.
Hence the wonderful vision for the three drawers!
One for outside items.
In this drawer I keep all his potty bags, harness for walks, leash, back up leashes, and his towel to wipe his feet on rainy days. I also made this the first drawer for a reason. It is right below hip height, making it easier to grab the most used items (leash and potty bags) without having to bend down to get to the lower drawers.

The second drawer is grooming.
You guessed it. All his grooming supplies are in here. From shampoo to nail trimmers, it's all here.

The third and final drawer is extra toys.
Rebel is notorious for wanting every toy he has... out all at once. We tried for awhile putting extra toys on top of his create. But once we turned our backs he would be pulling them all down, or whine until I caved.

Having this extra drawer allows me to only keep 3-4 toys out at a time and it also allows me to rotate them more often.

I'm not sure why it took me so long to get a better system down for my doggie stuff. Maybe I didn't want to let go of that little puppy bag. I'm happy I finally got it together and have Rebel's items separated, labeled, and easy to get to.

How do you store your pet's things?



  1. Hi i dont have pets but wanted to say i love your blogs reading your blogs gets me doing thing in my own home with little tips from you i have created very organized kitchen .thank you :)

    1. Awe! Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoy them.

  2. I'm LOVING your blog and youtube're my new favorite!! I'm curious where you store doggie meds like heartworm pills, flea & tick meds? Thanks!!