Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mini Repurposing Project

After moving into our new home, many items and decor' pieces just don't fit with the stylistic approach we are taking when it comes to decorating our new house.

I started to think that I could actually re-purpose a few of the items to fit in with our decor'. This way I can save some money and we can allocate the money we would have spent on other items.

We had a piece that we kept in the entryway of our condo for our keys, hats, work passes, and other odds and ends. It was an old wood color that just didn't fit in with the coloring in our new house. You will see what it looked like before the re-purpose in the video here.

After some painting and other transformations, I am really happy to say that I love how it turned out and can't wait to get this up in the mudroom!

Make sure you watch the video to see step by step how I went about this mini project!

Mini Repurposing Project Video


  1. Love the video,nice project!

  2. I love it, Trina! Good work! <3