Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Planner Obsession! {Filofax Update}

I have seen several planners going around on social media that just blow me away!
Now I by no means could probably ever be that crafty, but I did want to take a stab at sproucing up my little planner.
I'm not sure they have this color anymore but they do still  have the Finsbury :)  

If you are interested in seeing a small video I put together click here, or just watch below!



  1. LOVE those pens!! (I am also obsessed with my life planners.) :)

  2. I love to use a physical calendar, or a organizer of wall ( as samples in another video). But any stranger learns of the 90% of your life if they have access to it , not to mention if you get to lose .
    I have a friend who based all his work on this agenda, with hundreds of contacts that was accumulated over the years. Unfortunately he lost the agenda , and with it a part of himself that no recovered .
    In my case and as a matter of safety I prefer the electronic version.
    I use a modest tablet , Asus Memopad with the addon " AppLock " that asking password when the screen saver is activated to applications that I consider "private" (email , Wunderlist , Money Manager Ex , Browser , Display Books, File Manager , calendar , etc).
    All things to i consider "delicate" must have some way to make "backup" .
    Wunderlist syncs with my PC.
    The calendar application syncs with Google Calendar.
    Passwords with Lastpass .
    Money Manager Ex syncs with Dropbox, etc. .
    If important information lack backup, to me is not sure.
    That is extra work at first, but over time you breathe quieter.

    It's just my opinion .
    Greetings and sorry for my bad English !

  3. I've been considering getting a small-ish filofax to use as my wallet because I can never find a wallet big enough for everything I want to carry!

    1. I think that would work nicely :) The Finsbury in particular has several card slots and a zipper pocket as well!