Sunday, April 6, 2014

Antique Entryway Light Project!

I'm so excited that my new entryway light is finally up! If you follow me on my YouTube channel you may know that I found this old antique lantern light at my local Antique Mall and it has been sitting in our dining room for farrrr tooo long!

My parents have been in town and my Dad decided to go ahead and help my husband tackle the project. It actually turned out to be a serious project. They had to replace all the electrical components in the light, the wiring, and other odds and ends that (to be honest) I don't really even understand.

I took a few pictures of the light when it was down on the floor along with some of the parts they purchased to give it a face-lift. But the most important part of it all is a got exactly what I was looking for, for $25 re-purposing an old antique hang light :)

Here is the light we had to take down! So glad this thing is gone!
Then these were some of the parts we had to work on. Additionally, here are the parts we picked up!


And there it is! I am loving this light in our entryway! Of course now the 80's style doorbell is EVEN MORE apparent in the background. We will have to change that!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend :)


  1. This turned out so great! How awesome that your dad is so handy. If I were you, I'd probably just paint the doorbell the same color as the wall to make it blend in as best as it can, although I really have no idea how much a replacement cover is. Could be cheap enough, but free is always for me :)