Saturday, April 19, 2014

Master Bedroom Re-Do {Thoughts & Ideas}

So my master bedroom redecorating is officially underway! Well...technically I have only created a Pinterest board for my ideas, but that still counts right?

We aren't going all out because our master bedroom is actually in great shape. I just want to redecorate and brighten up the place. We have nice bedroom furniture that doesn't need to be replaced (so right there that saves us a ton). But our WHOLE house is the same color! It's all a beige. 
Now before I go any further, I must say...I like beige...I'm a neutral color kinda gal. But the beige with the dark drown furniture that ALL matches (BTW) is a bit drabbbbb for me.

I want some color! Maybe it is just David Brombstad influencing my color splash needs (ten points if you figured out that is the name of his show) or the endless amount of brown and black in my closet and bedroom. Nonetheless, I'm in search of some color!

First step is paint for the walls! I am torn between a few different directions so this is where YOU as a wonderful reader of mine, get to chime in.  Now lets be honest, I have the final say here...but seriously there are so many talented designer type people in this world and I would love to know the thoughts of EVERY SINGLE ONE. Now if I could only get the Property Brothers to read my blog post.

So why am I blogging about this? Because this is what I do. I blog, vlog, create YouTube videos and ultimately post my entire life online (but seriously...). I want to document this project. And while I will most likely take the time and film pieces of this project in a project vlog...I love my blog (with a B). Writing down my thoughts is almost therapeutic and let's be honest we all need some therapy. (Sorry to the Ms. Perfect reading this blog post)

So the first decision in my book (like I I go repeating myself) is the wall color. I have several options that I like and I figure I would post them here. Get your thoughts. I went to Lowe's to glance at some paint swatches. I really like that they have the different light colors you can put the swatch under. This way you can actually see how the paint will look in your home with the lighting you have.
I picked these up.

 I am torn between going with a light blue or a light yellow. I CAN'T DECIDE!
I partially want blue because I want to feel peace and calmness in my bedroom. This would help when we have kids right? But then...the other part of me wants a nice soft yellow. Not too harsh that it screams "HELLO YELLOWWWW!", but soft enough that I wake up and I'm excited to start the day.
For the blues here, I'm leaning toward the Blue Mist and in the yellow bunch I'm leaning toward the Like Butter and Summer Wish.

I will tape them up next to my side of the bed and think on it awhile. Hmmmmm...

Until the next post!


  1. Hi Katrina! Such a great blog! Love the color choices. We did yellow in our guestroom and are doing a light slate blue in our bedroom. Good luck on choosing the colors and can't wait to see more.

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