Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Office Decor Updates!

I'm so excited about my new office decor! I just have to say that it turned out mostly how I wanted it and I couldn't be happier to have some cute looking decor in my office. Overall it gives off a great vibe :) Once again, I have a video up on my YouTube channel and I have also linked it below if you would like to watch it here.

I really was inspired by Pinterest for some of this office change up and I will let you know what came from there while posting pictures.

I loved this idea on Pinterest about hanging some fashion or decor magazines on some wire hangers. Just attached them to the wall :)  I also kept this mini project budget friendly buy purchasing some different frames from the Dollar Tree. Then just took some white paint to them.
I decided to print off a small 5x7 YouTube insert for one frame. If you subscribe to me on YouTube you know that my channel has been growing and has become such a fun hobby for me :) I also designed and printed off this mini 8x11 "Do more of what makes you happy" poster. This was also inspired from Pinterest.

I also added this tray from Target.  I liked the idea of keeping all my "on the desk" items together here.
This clear organizer works much better than the little mint green catchall bin I had here before. I replaced my pencil holder with a reused clear Bath and Body Works candle.
 I think this is my favorite part of the office decor! I love this little jar I picked up from Marshalls! It is so cute and it fits all my Washi tape perfectly (with a little room to grow).
Lastly, this hand  soap pump came from Target as well and I actually filled this with lotion. I like to keep a hand cream around when I'm working during the day so this is perfect for that. Plus is goes with the theme :)

Make sure you watch my YouTube Video!

So happy with the way my office turned out. I love not having to stare at a blank wall anymore!



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