Tuesday, June 10, 2014

DIY Wreath for Our Front Door!

So I had been looking on Pinterst (like I normally do...always) for a new "something" to put on my front door. I had a decorated P that I made last Fall (see video), but it needs a bit of love and care PLUS I was interested in some of the DIY front door wreaths that I was seeing on Pinterest.

After thinking about what I wanted on my wreath I did some shopping! Here is what I picked up.
It was a pretty affordable DIY project! I also had a 40% Michael's coupon that I used on these items as well. I had the needed hot glue, wire, string, and other craft supplies on hand already.

I have a video showing my process on how I created this wreath on my YouTube channel and I will also link this video down!

But here is the finished product and I really enjoy how it turned out :)

I love my new front door piece! Make sure if you are interested you check out my video!



  1. Pretty Trina! Although, I would have painted the "p".

  2. My wife is also on Pinterest. So much so, that she's gotten ME interested in it and I'm not usually an arts and crafts kind of guy. The other day I was looking up "bear hacks" and thought "Yep, I am officially a Pinterest convert." LOL. The finished product is really neat, I like the P. It adds another level of personalization.

    Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock