Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Buying for Baby.

O Babies R Us... you are at the center of my point of contention. Am I the only pregnant lady out there that feels this way? I most certainly think NOT. I mean holy cowfree, I get crazy-eyed and overwhelmed walking into that store. And I like to shop mind you! Like, really like to shop.
The reality of it is, there is just so much out there for babies. My train of thought when it comes to buying for my baby girl has changed so much since finding out I was pregnant.

Here is how it went down when I first found out. All I did was think about the cute little outfits, the wonderful furniture I had picked out at Pottery Barn in like, high school, and day dream about the most beautiful nursery in the world that I WAS GOING TO HAVE.


If only I could talk to myself a few months ago. I would have been like "Girl...get a grip. Your kid needs diapers!" Now, I don't want to say that thinking of all these nice baby things is a bad thing or that wanting them for your precious (will never destroy anything child) is a horrible waste of time. But! As I have floated around on the internet exploring what baby needs and making several trips to Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, and every other baby store I can manage to drag my husband into, I have become saturated with items that baby needs.

I swear. If I could add up everything that all these blogs and online websites say you need for your child combined...I could buy a house!

So I took a step back. I regrouped. Babies R Us was not going to get me ANYMORE. (I really do like Babies R Us...I'm not picking on them). I realized a few key points:

1. What Momma wants for baby, is not what always what baby needs: Duh! I can hear you saying that now. Mumbling it to your computer screen as you read. Yes...yes I know. But especially for me, in the beginning of my pregnancy I let that slide out the window (more like booted it out the window...). I think I was overcome with emotion and advertising that I just wanted everything out there and I lost focus on what the baby really needs. While there are so many fun toys out doesn't need it all.

2. Those blog posts with "What baby really needs" titles, aren't always true for you: I have to admit, as a blogger, I like to read blogs (shocker!). And when I started to realize I would have to take out a mortgage for all the baby items I wanted, I went online to the world of blogs. I have several mommy bloggers that I follow and they have wonderful posts on the "Top 10 Things Baby Really Needs" or "How to Really Know What to Buy for Baby". These were helpful, they really were. I was able to pick up several pointers from moms who have done this before. But the more I read, the more I found out that every list was different. Some items were mentioned numerous times so I immediately added those to my list; but it's not the same story for the majority of the other items. It was in that moment I realized that I'm not going to have this cookie cutter list that everyone agrees on. Moms and babies are all different. So I did my research and took everything mentioned with a grain of salt. Then, spoke directly with some moms that I trusted, filtered through it all and put together my list.

3. Stick to a Budget: This is huge! So huge that I will be doing an entire blog post on how we budgeted for our little one. Having a budget is key to not over buying items or spending wayyy to much on things that will be used once. I like the way we budgeted because it didn't prevent me from getting little things here and there, but it allowed me to focus on bigger picture items and the long term. More to come on this, but BUDGET, BUDGET, BUDGET!

So...hey, I'm not sure how many of you made it this far in my blog post, but if you did thanks for sticking with me. Being pregnant is such an exciting time and emotions can get me caught up in the material items that baby needs or I want. However, at the end of the day my little girl needs love. A loving home to feel safe in and loving parents to guide her. I just ask God to give me wisdom on what my little girl truly needs so that I may provide.

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  1. So true!! Everything is so cute though! I have four children and I quickly learned that they will let you know (loud and clear) what they need. For instance 2 couldn't live without a swing,one needed a bouncy chair and the other had to be held every waking moment so a carrier/sling was a necessity...and the stores are not going to suddenly shut down when baby is born...have fun buy some adorable things and enjoy...uggh you will never be prego with your first again :-)