Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Skip Hop Duo Luxe Diaper Bag {First Impressions}

I finally picked a diaper bag! Yes! I honestly wrestled with this since I was like 15 weeks pregnant. I knew what I wanted in the beginning and it turned out not to be feasible for us at this point in time.

My first two diaper bags choices were as follows:
Ju Ju Be BFF: $165.00

I first thought I would just add this cost to my budget for baby and I would end up getting one of these. I had ultimately decided I liked the Ju Ju Be BFF better. But as items for our precious little girl started adding up, I began to realize that these diaper bags may not happen. I had received several Babies R Us gift cards at my showers and I finally made the decision to use these to purchase my diaper bag. Therefore, I was limited to what Babies R Us had.

After looking around and testing out several bags I decided on one.

There are several features that really attracted me to this bag:

1) Style: This bag looks more like a handbag than a diaper bag which is nice if you will be carrying only one bag around. The stripe with hints of red looks very classy.

2) Durability: This particular bag (because the material on some of the Duos are different) has a wipable fabric that is easy to clean.

3) Built in Stroller Straps: These are slip-resistant and are adjustable to fit your stroller. I really wanted a bag with this feature. Some diaper bags you have to buy these separate.

4) Multiple Carrying Options: *See photos below* You have two different options to carry this bag which is nice. The shorter, handbag like handles make it easy to carry and style as a handbag and the over the shoulder strap creates another easy carry option. There is a negative to the shoulder strap which I will address in that section.

5) A Usable Mommy Pocket: One of the reasons I loved the Ju Ju Be BFF is because it had a very functional mommy pocket. The Skip Hop Duo Luxe has its own version of a mommy pocket if you chose to use it as such. The pocket goes about half the length of the bag and can easily hold your wallet, keys, sunglasses, etc. Perfect for separating mommy's items from baby's.

6) Two Hidden Side Pockets: These are insulated for bottles but don't create that extra bulk around the diaper bag like bottle pockets located on the outside of a diaper bag. This is just a personal preference because it does take up space on the inside.

Inside this diaper bag you will find ample storage and two large organizational pockets. I found that this diaper bag size (14wx13.5hx4d) could easily work for me as I plan to cloth diaper. I will also most likely use travel and quick bags to help create additional organizational structure.

There are a few things that I'm not so thrilled about:

1) Two Magnetic Front Pockets: Key word here, magnetic. Don't get me wrong...I love the additional front pockets for easy access to items, but they are not zipper which could potentially mean losing items etc.

2) No Padding on Shoulder Strap: I like a shoulder strap. I would have preferred one with some padding to make it more comfortable.

3) Changing Pad: I feel that the changing pad that come with this bag is less than ideal. I went ahead and purchased an additional memory foam changing pad ($10) to use instead. This again is a personal preference. I just didn't care for the padding it offered.

A few other features to make note of:

Key Fob Zipper Pull
BPA Free
Phthalate Free
Nine Pockets Total

 Overall I made a few compromises when it came to my diaper bag in order to save some money, but I'm generally pleased with this bag and I can't wait to organize my baby girls items in here :)

*Disclaimer: Diaper bag was purchased by me. I was not compensated for a positive review of this Skip Hop bag. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*


  1. Good choice! I was reading your post and thought the name of the bag seemed familiar...so I looked up what my diaper bag choice was and its the Skip Hop Forma Pack & Go Diaper Tote. Seems like the Skip Hop brand is a safe bet all around. I'm expecting my first little one, a boy, January 27th. Its nice finding someone so close in due dates! Best wishes and hope your pregnancy's going well! <3

    1. Thanks Jessica! Congrats on your little one :) What a blessing! I did some research after I picked this one out (because I wanted to make sure I was going to keep it) and Skip Hop seems like a great brand! I just hope that this is big enough for everything that I need to carry around in it. Thanks for reading!