Saturday, December 20, 2014

Our Baby Girl's Nursery!

We finally finished up our baby girl's nursery. She will be in our room for the beginning so her nursery is set up mostly for show. Especially her crib. Nonetheless, we are excited to have it finished. Here are a few quick pictures!


Sunday, December 14, 2014

33 Weeks! {Pregnancy Update}

How far along: 33 Weeks!

Appointments: Our doctor ordered an extra ultrasound because I have been measuring ahead for a few of my appointments. They wanted to make sure I didn't have extra fluid. Good News: no extra fluid, she is just a tad bit larger than average :)

Baby size:  17 inches long and 4.5 pounds. She weighs as much as a pineapple.

Weight gain: 2-3 LBS

Belly button: In. And I think I may avoid it popping out!

Maternity clothes: Yes! I also just bought a few other shirts to hold me over for this last month and a half.

Gender: Baby Girl :)

Movement: She has picked up more of a schedule when it comes to moving around. She is pretty active in the AM and in the evenings. I can see her move across my tummy all the time!

Sleep: Sleep has been hard to get once again! I find my hips really hurt while I'm on one side and I continuously toss and turn. Doesn't make for a very peaceful nights sleep.

Food aversions: None.
Food cravings:  I have still been liking my sweets unfortunately, and I'm really craving milk again.

Labor signs: No! But I've been feeling some stronger BH contractions.

Swelling: Still some swelling and in the mornings when I wake up I can feel my hands are swollen with the fluid in my joints. I feel as if I have giant paws!

Nursery Progress: I work on this a little each week. Trying to wrap it up before our maternity pictures this week!

Best moment this week: Celebrating my baby girl at our church baby shower :)

Non-baby-related favorite moment this week: Finishing up my Christmas items and counting down until it's CHRISTMAS!

What I miss: My family up north. As the holidays get close along with my baby girl's due date...I have been missing my family like crazy!

What I'm looking forward to:  The holidays, spending more time with friends, and the arrival of my baby girl!

Bump Pictures:

Friday, December 5, 2014

The Changing Tide.

I have to admit, I tried to be overly clever with the title of this blog post. I was at the beach the other day and the tide was coming in; it was changing. I suddenly had the title for this blog post I had written several weeks ago and couldn't bring myself to post.

I guess I should start with this. I'm a newlywed; by all sense of the word in my opinion. I have been married about a year and a half to the best man I have and could ever know. He is my rock, my other half, my encourager, and (to be cliche) the love of my life. I have enjoyed the blissful beginnings of my marriage even though not perfect. I smile as I watch my husband play with our dog Rebel or mow the lawn outside as I make him lunch. I chuckle on the inside as he stares openly at the refrigerator trying to decide if he is hungry or not. I am truly happy and content. God has given me such a blessing in this little family.

But as the months slowly tick down to when our baby girl is due, I can't help but feel sadness.  With all the emotions of pregnancy and getting ready for this new life that we are now responsible for, I can't help but feel disappointed that it is no longer the the two of us. The change that is coming is scary and unpredictable. When these emotions come over me I feel guilt. How could I be sad about this baby girl? I already love her so much and I'm even more excited for her to get here so that our family will grow! So how can both of these emotions live in tandem within my heart? How can I feel sadness in a time of such joy?

Change. It's a new season. The changing tide if you will, and I have never been very good at it.

I can't wait to meet my baby girl. I can't wait to hold her in my arms and experience the cuddles that only a newborn can give. I look forward to watching her discover new things and see the world through her little eyes. But most importantly, I am overly excited to watch her relationship with her daddy. To see my husband become a father and take on that role of protector, hero, and at times "mean daddy" if she doesn't get her way. The thought of seeing him grow into this brings me to happy tears.

O what a wave (ocean reference again...I'm good right?) of emotions this new chapter of my life brings. I need to cut myself some slack. It's okay to feel sad about it not just being my husband and me anymore. BUT-- I also welcome, with pure happiness and joy, this little addition to our family. I can't wait for you to get here baby girl!