Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 REORG {Part 2: EC Planner Meal Plan Update}

So part TWO of this REORG focuses around my menu planning system. I am a HUGE menu planner and have been planning my weekly menu since I got married. Menu planning for my family helps up stay on $ budget $ and it keeps that sinking feeling of not having dinner ready for my husband at bay.

Nonetheless, I had a system for the longest time in which I had a menu board in my kitchen that I updated each week with my meals. I really liked this board so that my husband could see what was going to be for dinner. It turns out he didn't seem to look at it much and I realized I was writing my meal plan down multiple times. I usually plan my meals in my office and was writing it in my planner, as well as, then transferring to my menu board.

So my goal for the beginning of this year was to change where I kept my meal plan. I just found it more helpful to keep in my planner. I'm slightly obsessed with planners, planning, and life management. Can you tell? I tried writing my meal plan directly in my planner; but I would have to occasionally swap meals or our schedule would change. Very annoying. I didn't like having strike outs and messiness in my planner. Plus, I thought it would be cool to use my Erin Condren Coil Clips to move my meal plans to each week. The downside--they aren't reusable.

Here is what I did!
 I purchased 5 1/2" X 8 1/2" Sheet Protectors (Target) which fit perfectly in the Erin Condren Life Planner. I also picked up a few of the weekly note pads from the Target dollar spot which work perfectly for writing down my meals!

I went ahead and cut the holes off the sheet protectors so that the sheet fit even more snug into my planner. If you have a Filofax, this system would work there as well. Just keep the holes!
Then I attached my coil clip to the outside of the sheet.


Now I can move my sheet protector to each week and insert my meal plan for that week right in my planner.

When I get to the middle of the week, I can easily switch the side my meal plan faces.

This saves me some time, a mess in my planner from menu changes, and allows me to have my plan inserted each week! Happiness!


Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 REORG {Part 1: Floating Desk Paperwork}

Ahhh! 2015! I love when a new year rolls around. For some reason it is a huge motivator to get things reorganized and moving again. I have a few minor re-organizational goals to accomplish in this first week of the year that I am hoping will make some positive changes in my home management tasks.

Part 1 of this 2015 REORG (as I'm calling it) was to find a solution to the mess on my desk. I noticed that for the last quarter of 2014 I had some serious paper issues. A middle man problem. My filing system normally consists of my kitchen catchall basket and my file cabinet. The catchall houses all the incoming mail we need to pay, keep, or file for the week. Fridays, as per my schedule, I empty the catchall items and go through the paperwork. This is a win system for me. Works great! However, I noticed that sometimes I would have paperwork that can't be filed yet or items I need to follow up on that I don't want to archive away in my filing cabinets. THESE are the papers (and coupons) that would accumulate on my desk.

My solution was simple. I needed an active file box. If you are confused as to why I say active, I use the ABC filing system. So simple, and I usually recommend this to most of my clients as I work with them on paperwork management. I was really using my catchall basket as my active files, however as explained above that didn't work.
I can do a more in depth blog post on how the ABC system works, but the goal is to break down your paperwork into three categories.
Active Files
Basic Files
Classic Files
(I'll do a separate blog post on this later because this one would just get too long)

I purchased some adorable folders (from Target) which led to the need for a clear file box (Target) in order to see everything :) This is typical Katrina fashion! I am currently on the hunt for some clear hanging folders to make this work a tad better, but until then...this works!
I pulled out my washi tape and my labeler to create some labels.
I created a few folders for now with several folders left to expand.

To-Pay: For the 1-2 bills that I actually need to send a check for.
Blog: I have post-it notes with post ideas and other paperwork regarding my blog that tends to float around on my desk. Now I have a folder for it.
Follow Up: I usually have to follow up with our providers as part of household management and/or double check accounts etc. This is helpful to keep all the papers I need to follow up readily available. Instead of filing them away.
Coupons: Because I have several coupons that are for other items besides food (Shutterfly, Tiny Prints, BBW, etc.). I like to keep them at my desk for online orders and planning.

I placed this on my office tray and reorganized a few things. I love how it looks, but even more importantly my floating desk paperwork has a home :)