Sunday, February 1, 2015

What I Thought I Knew...

For my readers who do now know, I recently gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl! :) A bit earlier before my due date since today (Feb. 1st) was my actual date.
I have to admit that these past few days have been rough, but joyous all the same. It is funny to think about how I had everything planned out (that is my personality of course) from how I would handle labor to how I knew I was going to breastfeed.
I had a birth plan.
A recovery plan.
A newborn plan.
A, how I was going to do things, plan.

Looking back, I wish I could slap myself as I was planning on these things a few weeks ago. Little did I know that things would change, not work out, or be much harder then I had anticipated. I thought I knew how it would all be.

First off, I would like to start off with a little vent! There is so much pressure! Pressure to be the super mom or the best parent out there. Doing everything the right way (if there is such a thing as a right way). Everyone has an opinion about what is considered the best practice in having a newborn, and most of the time people, specialists, and doctors agree to disagree on many matters.
That being said, I'm one of those people. I put the pressure on myself.
I'm a member of several mommy groups on Facebook. Some about breastfeeding, some about natural living, cloth diapering, mommy questions, etc. While I love these groups (mostly because people ask the questions I'm too afraid to ask), I also can find them a bit hostile. 
Okay...maybe that's a strong word.
Not that disagreeing is a bad thing, but some of these moms go back and forth arguing about who is right, who did what, and shame on you if you didn't do it the all natural way etc.
Maybe it's just me, but I find these groups intimidating. I don't want to be viewed as someone who "does it wrong" because I don't do things someone's believed way. 

I think it goes without saying that this blog post is a bit all over the place. Not really a thought-out post; just a few thoughts in my head that I seem to have found the time amidst my zero sleep and my shower lacking self to type out. 

I guess it boils down to, what I thought I knew...I don't.
Everything I had planned, didn't all happen (some things ARE going as planned FYI).
And, finally, for the first time in my life, I'm learning how to fly by the seed of my pants.



  1. Congratulation Katrina! You and your baby have been on my mind as I knew you were due soon. I miss your videos on Youtube. But put those off as being a mother is truly the hardest but most rewarding jobs out there. Yes those darn babies don't always follow our plans and it takes a while to truly grasp that. I personally don't schedule anything until after 10 in the morning because it takes me about an hour to get both kids ready to leave the house. I also agree parenting is so hard and everyone does things that are right for their family. However, there are a ton of other parents out there that have no problem judging or saying you are doing it wrong. Its a hard undertaking but I know you will do great. Give your little princess a extra cuddle from me.

  2. Yayy! I am so happy for you! I am glad she is here and you are doing well. That's what matters. I totally understand about the mom thing. I was so overwhelmed and shocked everyone could have a strong opinion about.... my life and my baby. Sometimes my jaw would drop at how mean these moms could be. The only advice I can give you is lean on Jesus. People will try to make you feel like you are either not doing enough or doing too little! As long as you and your husband's consciences are clear before God, that's all you need. I'd stay away from all the commenters and only surround yourself with humble moms that can really help and encourage you. Please don't waste your time like I did getting carried away defending my decisions. God has blessed your family and I am more than positive He will give you the wisdom to be great parents :)

  3. Trust your gut instincts. They are almost always right. Don't listen to the naysayers and those that have an opinion about EVERYTHING. Do what is best for you and your family. That's all that matters. I'm a mama of 3...and I secretly giggle every time I hear about all the plans first time parents have about their babies and labor/delivery. I mean, I'm not making fun of them..just giggling because I know life is going to have soooo many curveballs waiting that you can't possibly plan everything. It's nice to have ideas and goals, but babies aren't usually the type to stick to plans. :) I hope you enjoy that little one, because as everyone says, time does fly by so quickly. You'll blink and your newborn is turning 1. Days are long but life is short.

  4. Congratulations to you and hubs!!! Welcome to the world sweet little one <3 My only advice is to enjoy every second. There is nothing quite like becoming a mom, parent. Bless you all :)

    One question, will you share her name? :)

  5. Katrina, congratulations on the birth of your daughter! I raised three children and I totally understand your pain with being a planner and things being not so predictable or easy. If I could impart any tiny bit of wisdom, it's to give yourself a break and know that you are already exactly everything your daughter needs. When the competitiveness starts to bother you, walk away...go make a tea and enjoy your husband and baby. There are no rewards or trophies for best breastfeeder or first to get their baby to sleep through the night or being most environmentally conscious. (And every other subject mommies will compare themselves lol). Always do what works for your baby and your circumstances, allow room for that to change (many times lol). and don't subscribe to the erroneous group think that states you must do things the same way as other people. Surround yourself with kind mothers you respect. And enjoy every precious moment, especially the messy, unpredictable and chaotic ones....they will fly by sooner than you think! God bless!

    1. Congratulations Katrina and husband, and welcome to your new family member.
      Don't fret, we've all been there, Just breathe, get to know your daughter, she'll let you know in her own way what she needs. Sleep when you can, shower when the opportunity presents itself. don't think another thought about anyone other than your new little girl and your husband. Give yourself and your family time, if it doesn't feel right don't do it. It was nice to see your blog, the first little while of being a new mum can take a while to adjust to so it was a nice surprise. Once again congratulations and best of luck to you all.

  6. Congrats Katrina! Enjoy every moment with your new bundle of joy. The days are long, but the years are short.

  7. hi Katrina ,
    happy for the lovely news
    miss your youtube vlogs
    from a long experience dear , read a lot ,then use your mama instinct , do what
    works out for you and your baby , every mom has different circumstances, the super thing to do differs from a super mama to a super mama , and after all every caring mom is a super mom , and most important enjoy every moment ! may God bless your pinky angel , take care