Sunday, March 22, 2015

Back-up Baby Bag!

As I travel out and about with my beautiful daughter, I've started to notice a pattern of what I carry in my diaper bag. It's the usual items; diapers, wipes, changing pad, change of clothes, pacifier, a toy, boogie wipes, hand wipes, and so on. And while I have what I need for a day out, I began to worry about what would happen if I got caught out longer than expected.
Maybe even an overnight stay?
I put together a quick and simple back-up baby bag to keep in my car. Just in case.

1. The Bag: I have this reusable Vera Bradley tote bag that I wasn't using. It fits everything perfectly and there is room for more if need be. (See pic below)

2. Extra, Extra Clothes: I carry a change of clothes in my diaper bag for the random blow out diaper. However, just in case I'm kept longer or overnight for some reason; I packed a pajama zip up and extra onesie with a pair of socks.

3. Diapers: I put ten extra disposable diapers in this back up bag as well. We (sort of) cloth diaper at home, but use disposables when we are going out. Having disposable diapers in this back up bag is just easier. But this way, I have about a days worth on top of what is already in my diaper bag.

4. Wipes: This is a extra package of Earth's Best Organic Baby Wipes.

5. Blanket: I keep this in my back up bag for several reasons. First, I may want this when going to a friend's house to put down on the floor, but it doesn't fit in my diaper bag. Therefore, I just keep it in the car. Second, if I were to be stuck overnight somewhere I now have something to put down for my daughter in hotel or something to cuddle up in etc. Like I mentioned, this is worse case scenario. Ideally, I would have our pack n play if traveling.

6. Nursing Pads: Just a quick back up, again, to what I already keep in my diaper bag. I can never have enough of these!

And finally, I keep some bottled water in my bag. Just to have for me. I can't make milk without water :)

The bag.

It gives me some peace of mind knowing I have a few back up items in my car for my daughter. I'm sure I will add to this as I feel she needs more :)