Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Top 10 Newborn Faves!

I think I read  thousands of these posts when I was pregnant-- trying to filter through all the items I needed to purchase with our little one on the way. I figured I would attempt to do a post as well. Needless to say, there are so many items a newborn actually needs and most of them are the staples that you are probably going to purchase anyway.

My list is random. Kinda like my thoughts on this blog. I literally sat down and off the top of my head tried to come up with some items that are WONDERFUL but that you may not always gravitate toward.

1. MamaRoo: The best thing ever invented. This is the swing that we opted for instead of the traditional back and forth monotony (that some babies really enjoy actually). I have heard stories of some babies not enjoying their mamaRoo and I have to say that we do not have this issue. My daughter loves it! Occasionally there are times she wants out, but the majority of the time she is in swing heaven. It has several different settings to change up the "swinging" rhythm and you can also adjust the speed.

2. SwaddleMe Swaddles: These are the easiest, easy swaddles out there. In my opinion. My daughter likes to escape from the traditional swaddle blankets that you fold yourself. These are working pretty well so far when it comes to escaping during the night. We have also tried the Aden and Anais Easy Swaddles which have snaps. They work better than the blankets but are not as secure as the SwaddleMe. Plus the snaps during the night are annoying to deal with.

3. Changing Pad Liners: In only a few short weeks after coming home from the hospital we had several blowout diapers resulting in spewing poo (how do you like that image?). Of course we have a changing pad with that fluffy, pink "feel good" cover which welcomes every little stain possible. These changing pad liners are great. They offer another layer of protection which is WATER PROOF (errrr... resistant...whatever the technical term is). They are washable and pretty inexpensive. So worth it!

4. Play Gym: I don't have a particular brand here. Just any gym is great! I started putting my daughter on her back under her gym early and she loved it. She is just now starting to respond to the items and really play, but even prior she liked the music and staring at the hanging items. We have some gym time every morning :)

5. ComoTomo Bottles: I'm breastfeeding my daughter, however I am exclusively pumping so good bottles are everything! I love the comotomo bottles. While every baby is different when it comes to their latch and preference, my daughter favors these bottles as well. They are very soft and have a great "breast like" nipple and neck. I will say that they tip over easy if not on a hard flat surface which can be frustrating for some people, but totally worth the inconvenience for a great bottle.

6. MAM Pacis: My daughter isn't picky about her bottles, nipples, or pacifiers. Huge blessing so far! However, she does seem to prefer the MAM Pacifier to her others (Nuk, Soothies, etc.) I honestly don't know the science behind pacifier nipples and why some babies take to one brand over the other, but she seems to be soothed the easiest with these. She will take the others just fine but they don't seem to have the same result.

7. Nail Clippers: Infant nail clippers are a must. Nails grow so fast. Enough said.

8. Angel Baby Bottom Balm: I make my own diaper cream since we cloth diaper at home. It is a recipe of coconut oil, organic beeswax, and organic shea butter. However, I was given this as a gift and REALLY like it. If you are looking for a great, natural diaper cream for your beautiful baby's bum I highly recommend this!

9. Ava Anderson Baby Shampoo/Wash: This was also a gift sent to me. We use a lot of the Honest Company products and I love the Honest shampoo and body wash. It is what we normally purchase. However, like I said, this was a gift sent to me and we really like it! Now, Ava Anderson makes all non-toxic organic items so I generally feel better about myself when using this product on my daughters newborn skin. I have to admit though...the reason it is in my top ten is the lather. HA. I know. What? Seriously though. Many of the organic, all natural shampoos are tough to lather especially on a newborn head with little hair in the first place. This shampoo gets a great lather and I actually feel like it's doing its job. Also, we have been using this on my daughter's very minor cradle cap and I see some improvement in that area.

10. Dapple Bottle & Dish Liquid: Ahhh...dapple! I just love the name. This is a new product for me, but I really like it. Dapple is basically like this all natural dish soap made specifically for bottles and such. Since I wash so many bottles I become obsessed trying to something that didn't leave spots on my bottles and that took the milk smell/film away. I tried this and haven't gone back. Would highly recommend.

These are just a few of the items I have found useful during this newborn stage. I hope to do another blog post featuring some of my top ten mommy faves soon!


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  1. Hey Katrina, nice review. Fair play to you on, putting up posts when you're a new mom. Miss you on youtube. :)